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I went into Clear Choice Dental in Austin, Texas to have a complete evaluation, then went to have my surgery to later have them later tell me that the $7,500K I'd already paid out didn't cover my dental issues that they 'found' new issues which would now cost me... Read more

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I started the 24 Day challenge and by the third day I lost my job due to a layoff! Advocare causes unemployment! This is an outrage and i will be filing a lawsuit to Advocare for my job back and lost wages! I can't believe a product like this is allowed to be... Read more

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I would have to agree. Was very disappointed when I picked up the new spark canister last week from my distributer. My eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw that small little bottle wth the same $52 price tag attached to it. It is obvious that this only benefit... Read more

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Ordered custom patches in early Dec for a girl scout function. I provided the art work, everything seemed on the up and up. Sent and email in late Dec inquiring about the patches. Was told they had shipped Dec 15th. Now, I can't get any response from anyone. It's... Read more

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Lgi Homes - Couln't be happier! Manor, Texas
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From the moment we walked I to the office, David was super warm and positive. Our credit was far from perfect and he guided us in the right direction to get approved. He showed us an Erie floor plan that was exactly what we were looking for but, we needed a little time... Read more

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Sure, the MLM principle of ACN is sound and if everyone you knew signed on with you and everyone they knew and so on you'd all be stinking rich but that's not how it works trust me and the owners of ACN know this. The reality is 99 percent of the people who you... Read more

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Twinkledeals - Doesn't look like what I ordered & doesn't fit
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If you're looking for cute stuff at somewhat reasonable prices for your pre-teen, this is the place to order. If you want something for yourself, stay away. I ordered this sweater... Read more

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I just stopped @ my local Family Dollar. There on the door was a sign they would be open Easter Sunday. Not just a few hours but 9-7. Family???I don't think your company is thinking of the Family, only your pockets. yur 2nd quarter was up by 10%. Does this not let... Read more

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I am reporting a local business that will not refund for services that will not ever be received. My daughter wanted to get laser hair removal and we went to the Brodie location on Saturday afternoon for a consultation and my daughter who is going to college got so... Read more

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Hello My husband and I followed Mr Huff for approximately a year now and felt obligated by way of his videos to invest in his SCD-1 App, we were at first hesitant of the outlay as we are both Pensioners but were drawn in with the hope of contacting our son killed in a... Read more

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