When i applied for a position with sam's club (cashier) i didn't expect to sell anything! Everyday before my shift my COS (manager) pushes me to get at least 2 renewals, 2 plus memberships and at least some credit card sign ups. First off no one is going to get a discover card now-a-days with the interest rates being so high. Second, asking your members the samething everytime u see them can be annoying and i know if i was a member of... Read more

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I was shopping at Home Depot in Marble Falls and a lady came up and asked me if I had ever thought of upgrading my kitchen. Before I knew it she had signed me up for a salesperson to come to my home and measure and give me a price on kitchen cabinet refacing. So, this guy shows up and gives me an earfull of sales pitch for almost 2 hrs before I get the price. And what a price it was! He said that I have what he called "30ft of cabinets" and... Read more

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I went into Clear Choice Dental in Austin, Texas to have a complete evaluation, then went to have my surgery to later have them later tell me that the $7,500K I'd already paid out didn't cover my dental issues that they 'found' new issues which would now cost me $1500.00 plus another $7,500K. They never performed what I paid them the $7500.00 for, instead told me when I could come up with another $7500.00 they would fix my two teeth and put in... Read more

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I started the 24 Day challenge and by the third day I lost my job due to a layoff! Advocare causes unemployment! This is an outrage and i will be filing a lawsuit to Advocare for my job back and lost wages! I can't believe a product like this is allowed to be distributed to consumers who purchase it and read the medical advisements and then come on here and complain for making a free will choice! I lost my job and I am going to blame... Read more

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So a friend of mine graciously decided to send me a large sum of money to assist me with some legal fees I had accrued. $2300 total. I had just opened a new Truwest account and they recommended Popmoney for account to account transfers. So we decide to send the daily limit ($2000) through Popmoney and then the other $300 the next day. But the next day we are informed both our accounts have been placed on hold for fraud investigation. My friend... Read more

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I would have to agree. Was very disappointed when I picked up the new spark canister last week from my distributer. My eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw that small little bottle wth the same $52 price tag attached to it. It is obvious that this only benefit is Avocare cutting down on ingredients, quantity, and packaging. Ive been taking the small scope before my workouts and can say it does not have the same effect as the old spark.... Read more

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Signed my giant schnauzer up for 2 weeks board and train for over $2500 I expressed concern at the beginning about the collar but was assured it would not hurt him. After taking the collar off when I got home he had 4 burned scabbed places on his neck. What a waste of money and harmful to my dog. I was fearful that this e collar would be harmful but they assured me it would not hurt him. I feel terrible that he was subjected to two weeks of this... Read more

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email your DirecTV complaints to ihatedirectv.complaint @blogger.com remove space before @ and they will be displayed at http://directvcomplaint.blogspot.com I have also created my own personal website of my horror story with directv at http://hatedirectv.blogspot.com To put my message and this whole site into context this class action lawsuit http://www.tvpredictions.com/dlawsuit022408.htm describes my grievances along with the fact that the... Read more

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Last Thurs., 7-19-12, I was delivered my own supposedly NEW POC. First the wrong concentrator was delivered. It was supposed to have a 6 hr. battery life (correct unit has 8 hr. battery life). So I decided to go ahead and use it to be with family, especially grandchildren. THEN the *** thing overheated and completely died in 1 hr 45 min.!!!! Would not even charge using car charger. Thought EMS would have to be called for a ride home! ... Read more

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So, I had a baby in December and needed to skip that payment to catch up on things so I called and requested a skip payment, paid the finance charge for that month and set it all up...........so I thought!!! I Had January's payment pulled out on the 15 of that month and now they have been calling and harassing me that my January payment is 20 something days late and it's going to go into collection status, and I need to pay Feb's payment now.... Read more

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