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On May 13 2016, I mailed insurance check made out to ditech and myself by ups. I called to check on refund of 45,000 on or around June 1st. They told me the check would be mailed to me on June 10 and should arrive on June 13th. I did not receive so called and they... Read more

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I had the Coolsculpting done in July and although I was told that there would be minimum discomfort, the pain was unbearable for nearly two weeks. 90 days later my stomach became swollen and I was diagnosed with Paradoxical Hyperplasia, which no one told me was a... Read more

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LGI is a sales scam. They use predatory finance tactics, I told them what my price range was before I even went and they told me they had options for that range. I went and they show you all these "ratings" and "statistics" and what not to try and suck you into their... Read more

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As an experienced, accomplished home cook, I can attest to the high quality and durability of the SaladMaster brand, I frequently cook with it, as my spouse purchased a set a couple years ago. My mother even uses several serviceable vintage 1960 SaladMaster utensils to... Read more

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my name is smith I live in Arizona a friend of mine invitated me for a saladmaster presentation after the presentation which was very great ,I was very much interested in the cookware which is the rolex of cookware THEY SAID INTRESTINGLY THEY TOLD ME I COULD GET A FREE... Read more

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Just completed two implants at Ocean Dental aka Cancun Dental Specialists. It has been a roller coaster over two visits. First visit I arrived first day and no one was at office. Turns out the moved office to a new location that morning, so they drove me to new office... Read more

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Lazboy - Defective Product and not real customer service
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I purchased a leather reclining sofa and chair set in February 2016. From then until now, your customer service has been called to our home 4 times! There is a design flaw in this set! The wood has cracked underneath but it's just particle board, not real wood. The... Read more

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Six months with severe shoulder pain and I finally get JPS Connections so I can get it taken care of. Go to the ER first.. then to the Primary Doctor. Primary said it was serious and made an appointment with their Specialy Clinic.... Go there today and get told yep,... Read more

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Offerup - Warning !! Be careful what u buy! and who from!!
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Be careful buying things of offer up!! Just moved into my NEW apartment and I bought a sectional couch, came with a chair... I wondered why the price was so good... now I have freaking bed bugs from it !!! Its so infested!! And man bed bugs are hard to get rid of!!! I... Read more

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Jiffy Lube Didn't Perform Oil Change That I Paid For
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I visited Jiffy Lube Store #3399 in Arlington, TX, on November 8, 2015, for a regular oil change. I drive a 2013 Toyota Camry, and opted for full synthetic since that's what I already have in my car and I don't like to change. I drove 30 miles to get to this location,... Read more

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