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Ashley Furniture - I WILL BE GOING TO COURT!!! One PISSED OFF EX CUSTOMER! 1.4 I order over $6,000 in furniture! Took off THREE times for delivery and NO DELIVERY - I then received a phone call stating they could not/would not... Big Lots - Stratolounger 4.2 My husband bought a Stratolounger recliner 8/24/17 at Big lots, thinking it would not have toxic chemicals in it, since the tag on it said this... United Supermarkets - Behavioral problems manifested by on duty Pharmacist 4.6 On 8/11/2017,United Supermarket Pharmacy on 45th/Bell at approximately 8:30pm, I presented a Narcotic Prescription for a pain relieving medication I... Suddenlink - False service call fee on 5/13. Line fixed after his visit. Broken cable and faulty part were to blame 2.0 We were billed on 5/13/17 for a service call. The tech said that when he left everything worked fine. Now why is it that your line maintenance people... Directv - Failure to do what was discussed on the phone. 1.0 I called and spoke with Trevor he sold me a package of 5 Tv's with all the channels for $126.00. I asked again are you sure you can do 5 Tv's... Werner Enterprises - Vehicle Driver Review from Amarillo, Texas I was just driving on 264 E in Louisville KY. A driver from this company in truck 65260 not only is a horrible driver but rude and vulgar. I was... Factory Outlet Store - Very unhappy about being cheated I want to explain my problem with Factory Outlet Store. On October 18, 2016, I ordered a Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Mini Shoulder Bag in the color M... Agape Diamonds - Ring Review from Amarillo, Texas 1.3 I ordered a ring and wraps and financed through Affirm. I called to cancel my order before it shipped. They asked why I was cancelling. My response...