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My. Girlfriend got a call from them at 7:20pm on january 19th. I walked into the bedroom and she was all excited for something on the phonebwith someone, i remember her saying something reguarding a 360 modeling agency, she was writing stuff down, i evesdropped while i... Read more

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Thank you for your kind words and thoughtful comments regarding our company and products. Our goal is to exceed your expectations with every experience with our company. Please do not hesitate to contact us in the future. Thank You Read more

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BE WARNED my internet was shut down without warning or call or email. when i called SUDDENLINK, and being passed on by 2 people who didnt know what the problem was, i was directed to the copyright dept. and told to erase all files on my computer because i had been to... Read more

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Like the gentleman who started this post I lost several thousand dollars trying to make the SOT methods work. That of course was after I spent over $3500 on the SOT membership. For anyone who is thinking of joining SOT let me give you my experience because I hope it... Read more

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I ordered 2 Fireflies on 9/29 and have still not received them. They were Christmas gifts! I asked to replace them with different warmers and told I couldn't. My rep told me I would get 2 free gifts and only got one. So they got my money now and I got nothing Read more

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I was an ASM at family Dollar in Abilene Texas which had loss prevention in town for the review and termination of 12 employees in the district. Loss prevention reviewed a portion of tape where I did a return/exchange ($7 and change) after the customer had left. I had... Read more

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Awful internet connection and television quality, awful customer service. Their billing department is grade A disgusting. You must make a new account every time you move...information that's not provided upon move-out and in which then could cause overdue billing... Read more

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Seriously unless you want to pay twice as much for anything they do and want to be left in a room sitting there alone for hours before they even get to you, i wouldnt suggest ever going to Monarch. I honestly do not even see how this place is in business. Its pure... Read more

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My Fiance and I purchased a sectional sofa and end tables from the Waco Texas location on June 6th. We were moving to Abilene on July 1st. The people at the Waco location assured us that the Abilene store would deliver the order on July 2nd. The morning of July 2nd I... Read more

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Upon finding out the Rise Broadband could install a satellite internet WITHOUT CONTRACTS I contacted and confirmed that with the sales person on the phone. They said it would cost more per month/I said fine. I don't want a contract I'm in a temporary RV park until we... Read more

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