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I was an ASM at family Dollar in Abilene Texas which had loss prevention in town for the review and termination of 12 employees in the district. Loss prevention reviewed a portion of tape where I did a return/exchange ($7 and change) after the customer had left. I had... Read more

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I called to get internet service as it was the only provider offering speeds fast enough to support Neflix & Hulu. The guy on the phone offered me an internet & phone bundle that included waived installation fees and a $100 visa gift card just for bundling. So, I... Read more

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I ordered a sectional on 12/09/16. This particular sectional was "custom" as in you have the option to select your fabric and pillows. Due to this I was told special orders could take approximately 8-10 weeks to be available for pick up. Around the middle of January I... Read more

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My. Girlfriend got a call from them at 7:20pm on january 19th. I walked into the bedroom and she was all excited for something on the phonebwith someone, i remember her saying something reguarding a 360 modeling agency, she was writing stuff down, i evesdropped while i... Read more

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when visiting the 7/11 store on the corner of treadaway and 14th in Abilene tx. I saw several mice run under the hot dog dispenser. over the past several weeks employees that I work with have said several times that the store smelled of rodents and several cases had... Read more

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All was going well and didn't mind waiting in line for Black Friday Ad. Was one of two for item being offered at a great price. Didn't mind waiting another hour to get checked out (cash) Very nice service and was friendly. Went to pick up area and staff very nice and... Read more

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My new system has on camera not working the DVR isn't working properly. I have called numerous time and they fail to call me back. I have talked to them online but they cant fix anything. I have put my call back number in daily and they never return my calls. My... Read more

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They cut my hair two short how do you go from I said clearly 1 inch to cutting it all off to less than an inch idiots I am so pissed off and she was busy talking with her friends or

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I contacted customer service to have my telephone changed due to getting numerous calls from overseas telemarketers. They told me that there would be a $22.50 fee to change the number which I think is extortion but I agreed to to stop the all day long calls from these... Read more

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I went to labcorp draw site in Abilene TX on 8/10/2016 to have testing done ordered by my neurologist. I called after that date several times to make sure my results had been sent. Left messages each time, never receiving a call back. However, I had left messages... Read more

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