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Suddenlink - Lies & Bait & Switch 1.3 I called to get internet service as it was the only provider offering speeds fast enough to support Neflix & Hulu. The guy on the phone offered me an... Home Zone Furniture - Furniture Ordered in December, Still have not received all peices I ordered a sectional on 12/09/16. This particular sectional was "custom" as in you have the option to select your fabric and pillows. Due to this I... 7 Eleven - Visable evidence of rodent infestation. 3.4 when visiting the 7/11 store on the corner of treadaway and 14th in Abilene tx. I saw several mice run under the hot dog dispenser. over the past... Family Dollar - Wrongfully fired I was an ASM at family Dollar in Abilene Texas which had loss prevention in town for the review and termination of 12 employees in the district. Loss... Home Zone Furniture - Not Pleased with Service Staff 3.3 All was going well and didn't mind waiting in line for Black Friday Ad. Was one of two for item being offered at a great price. Didn't mind waiting... Labcorp - Can anyone answer the phone I went to labcorp draw site in Abilene TX on 8/10/2016 to have testing done ordered by my neurologist. I called after that date several times to... Safeco Insurance - Safeco denies claim based on BOGUS engineer report 1.0 My brick fence was blown over by near hurricane force winds.
Safeco sends an engineer out to to fetch back the finding "differential settlement" , th...
Seterus - Making excuses NOT to *** ESCROW, there is NO excrow with this Mortgage. Trying to add one. 1.7 They paid our taxes through a third party after we did. Tax Appraisal office returned all $$ in full immediately for the mistake. We have NO escrow...