I need a new mattress, so I go online to Mattress Giant and apply for their no credit check financing (b/c I didn't qualify for the regular financing). The finance company (Progressive Finance) approves me for up to $1100.00, needless to say I was happy. I went to... Read more

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I called bath-wraps and they sent a rep. to take some pictures of the bathroom. He said he needed at lest $1400 to get started and that I could pay some each month until the final payment. The total bill was $2400. I call bath-wraps to see when they could start they... Read more

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New recruits are trained to become fully qualified financial advisers, fulfilling deVere’s international regulatory obligations. deVere financial advisers do not have to pay for training or office costs. Advisers do use a predetermined introduction when meeting with... Read more

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On the day my payment was due I called to ask for a 2 day extension. They have every right to say no but I have been with them 7 yrs and this is the first time I couldn't pay on time. First they tried to sell me on "bill float" a paid service to have an extension and... Read more

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I have been making monthly payments for 2 years and have never missed a payment but found that I needed to make the payment less so I requested an extension of one year. I was told all I needed to do was reapply for the amount remaining and it should not be a problem.... Read more

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we applied for a loan for $5500.00, they turned us down we have a credit score of 736 and make 95,000.00 a year and have never been turned down for that amount of money. We were trying to get a loan for a swimming pool and this company is the one the pool place used.... Read more

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I applied with The Lending Club for a credit card consolidation loan. Which initially up front said I was approved for 60 percent of my requested amount. For over a week receiving 13 emails constantly asking for financial documentation to finalize credit approval to... Read more

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I bought a battery an 18 months later it was dead. I received no new battery and no prorated discount on a new one, even after the battery tested bad at the store. Lessons learned, 1. Don't buy Super start batteries at O'Rielly. 2. Don't buy Marine Batteries, when... Read more

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Just hook up.com is a rip off & it's all fake! Don't fall for the bs. Same 'women' come up in multiple cities, profile descriptions do not match profile pics. Customer service is a joke. The site must have automatic messages sent to my inbox, & when I... Read more

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Decent product, horrible installation. The salesman promised way more than was actually delivered. Bought this product in 2008. It's held up decent so far (2014) but everytime I see the tub, I'm reminded of what I had and how this isn't what I wanted. Here's what... Read more

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