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I called bath-wraps and they sent a rep. to take some pictures of the bathroom. He said he needed at lest $1400 to get started and that I could pay some each month until the final payment. The total bill was $2400. I call bath-wraps to see when they could start they... Read more

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Find A Grave owner Jim Tipton is a thief he creates a website for members to add burial information thus creating so called "memorials" he uses these memorials for ad space and charges members to sponsor these memorials. He makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a... Read more

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I've had to continually prove to them that I already have hazard insurance and it's been faxed over and over to them, and each time a rep says that they don't have it in their records; this includes supervisors and supposed "managers" ... My insurance company has had... Read more

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I know what you mean about hoarding and vultures. Here's my story. My Father died in the Vietnam War my Mother had him buried in a family cemetery, the land was donated by my Great Great Father. My Mother had a double stone made with their names birth date, wedding... Read more

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I was a manager at SILVERLEAF RESORTS and after looking at there contracts that they had owners sign I saw where they were illegally charging owners maintenance fees . I approached the director of financial services because I had heard that SILVERLEAF RESORTS used the... Read more

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Decent product, horrible installation. The salesman promised way more than was actually delivered. Bought this product in 2008. It's held up decent so far (2014) but everytime I see the tub, I'm reminded of what I had and how this isn't what I wanted. Here's what... Read more

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Horrible work was done by Bathwwraps on my parents home. These are rip-off artists of the worst kind. My mom contracted Bathwraps to install a tub and wall liner in their main bathroom for $3500. This is a high price for this amount of work. A Bathwraps employee... Read more

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Requested a stop and cancellation to my escrow account, even it was granted, they continue to deduct and allocate MY MONEY to a "closed escrow accnt".... contacted them back in Jan. 2016, to get my money refunded and as of today April 2017 they still holding on to my... Read more

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We did a Harp refinance with Greentree in April of 2015 our windstorm which is mandatory in Texas its the law all homeowners are required too have windstorm insurance was never tranfered over when the company merged with Dieteck so now our mortgage has increased from... Read more

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On May 13 2016, I mailed insurance check made out to ditech and myself by ups. I called to check on refund of 45,000 on or around June 1st. They told me the check would be mailed to me on June 10 and should arrive on June 13th. I did not receive so called and they... Read more

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