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Csl Plasma - Incomplete Information 4.0 I drove almost two hours from Columbia, Tn to Madison, Tn in hopes to donate plasma. I brought with me all of the proper documentation that was... Eargo - Poor customer service 1.0 I normally wouldn't do this but it annoyed me. I emailed them about their hearing aid and told them that I was going for my hearing test. They called... First Tennessee Bank - Unprofessional and Rude banker: IVY LARKIN (511 Union St, Nashville, TN) 2.8 The downtown Nashville branch caters to a diverse crowd, so I expected good to great customer service being at such a prime location. I came here... Asurion - Claim for shattered screen denied. My son dropped his IPhone and shattered the screen. He is a doctor in the military and cannot be without his phone. We called Asurion who said there... Meharry Dentistry - I want my money back 1.0 I want my money back and I want an apology for the way I was treated. I am still unable to describe what happened as I am still dealing with the... Intown Suites - ROACH INFESTATION, FLY INFESTATION & MOLD!!!! 1.0 This place is filled with cockroaches, flys and mold in the air conditioner that blows nothing but mold into the air! I've complained multiple times... Asurion - Worst customer service EVER! I have now had a broken refrigerator for 16 days. It will be AT LEAST 10 more days before it's fixed by the time the part comes in and an appointment... American Homes 4 Rent - NEVER RENT FROM AMERICAN HOMES FOR RENT 1.9 First, you can never reach ANYONE. I had to drive 35 minutes to their office every time I wanted to speak to anyone. Second, I paid $1800 for my...