What is the deal with all the hidden fees? Over 440.00 to get them to release funds? Read more

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My best friend is a consultant for Arbonne. I've tried to support her and her "business" by looking at the products and attending the mind numbing meetings. I even had a party of my own. My friend painted a picture of outstanding, life altering "all natural" products, to where she no longer had to take her depression meds, and a future that promises commission checks even if you aren't working. She was excited about it and I wanted to be... Read more

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I have been a loyal XM radio listener for years. Now, I am mad as *** and will do all that I can punish XM Radio for treating me this way. Here is my horror situation in a capsule. Considering the new economic realities, my XM Satellite Radio yearly subscription was on the list of things to cancel. My renewal date was 12/06/2010 - Fees of approximately $160 are collected in advance/charged to your credit card. On 10/04/2010 I called XM at... Read more

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Manthissitesucks.forumotion.com (formerly singsnapsucks2.com) members have launched smear campaigns all across the Internet against me, Shanda Lancaster (as well as all my past married names and maiden name), on complaint sites just like this one. These people are terribly dangerous bullies and should be avoided at all costs. Any and all posts about me by these anonymous people are ridiculous, slanderous, and, most of all, meant to intimidate... Read more

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I ran into a distribuitor of the product by mere accident,my red flags should have come up,they were selling a weight loss product,yet they looked like they spent their share of time at the buffet,they said they had been using it for a while,I wanted to lose about 20lbs and so I tried the meal replacement,appetite suppressants,spark,it works for a while,but I believe that the sugar content of the products may set some people up for diabetes,they... Read more

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Please call 646-679-4928 to speak with a live agent. I just spoke with someone, he assured me the deposit posting issue will be resolved later today. The rep I spoke with couldn't give an exact time, just later today. My pay day is the 15th, should have had access to my funds the 13th - nothing. The website, was sporadically operating, the mobile app was doing the same, but not as bad. This has caused an issue as far as paying bills, and... Read more

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Urgent official document received in mail - marked "personal and confidential" - stated we won two free tickets on US Airlines with value of $1400.00 and this was Final Notification. Incorrect use of english language in document itself i.e. " We have been asked with notifying you of this award" instead of "We have been asked to notify you of this award." Another example, "it will be transferred to the alternate." Wonder who is the... Read more

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I purchased "my pillow" when they first came out years ago. It was AWESOME! Did absolutely everything it was supposed to. Then, a couple years ago, I bought 2 for me and 1 for my mother. HORRIBLE! Went flat literally days after purchase. Tried throwing it in the dryer as they instruct. Nothing. It is way way too expensive to last 3 days! Apparently, I'm a very slow learner. I have a disease called Cervical Dystonia. Definition of Cervical... Read more

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It's not the product that I ordered, and I need to send it back I need the address to be able to do that...Dr Oz ....are you aware of all the complaints....REALLY...? ?????? Ihave called the 800# !!!!and received NO help whatsoever !!! All I'm after is the mailing address WHY is this sooooo difficult to have happen ??? Now I'm imposed on the write at least 100 words ??? This is totally OUTRAGIOUS (WHATEVER) Can you handle this or maybe... Read more

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I lost my job from Verizon-wireless because my Met-life claim was denied. I work for Verizon-wireless for 6 years. Three years ago I started getting sick. From Migraine headaches to irritations of the nerves (fibromyalgia), and having to go through two surgeries. I am upset with both Verizon and Met-life. I worked hard every day I was there. Also, was one of the top performers. Metlife, I feel is unorganized and selfish that was my experience... Read more

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