On Sept. 16,2013 I recieved a phone called from a senior loan officer named Ray Anderson saying I was approve for $5000. All I needed to do was to show good faith that I would be able to pay the mthly pymt of$475. The money will be wired into my bank acct.I was told to purchace a green dot money pak card. I did this and the money was taken,then he assure me that the funds will refunded back with the loan,but Ray then said I needed to pay the... Read more

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Don't Believe this ***! This is a complete lie made up by a local competitor that slanders local businesses in the Memphis & Shelby County area to gain their customers. Her name is Tonya Machel Wigner Hall and she's the owner of "She Can Clean" Cleaning Service. Our company filed a police report (1404000344SH) against Ms.Hall on 4/09/14 for calling pretending to be Craigslist and the Better Business Bureau demanding that we remove our ads... Read more

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HAVE BEEN USING PLANTERS PEANUT BUTTER FOR YEARS BECAUSE IT WAS PURER THAN OTHERS & TASTED LIKE PEANUTS. NOW I UNDERSTAND PEANUT BUTTER IS BEING DISCONTINUED! WHY? WHY? WHY? You have a great product that obviously sells as the shelves in our local stores have had to be re-stocked to fill the empty space. Why do you feel you must withdraw this product from the market???? Considering some of the faults we've found with other products (i... Read more

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They almost got me this morning with an offer that sounded so good at the time. Receive a $100 Wal-Mart gift card just pay S/H 4.95. if I tried the free 14 day Safe Data Trust for just $1.00, Get free $25 Diners Certificate, Shoppers advantage $1.00 30 day free trial, $40 free gas AND for $1.00 30 day free trail for GREAT Fun. Can't remember my free reward for that one because as I stupidly agreed, before giving me confirmation Number That got... Read more

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Hulu Stinks with 5003 errors constantly, even though Amazon Video, Netflix, Vudu, Crackle and Pandora all stream with zero issues. I am ready to cancel my subscription because 90% of the time I cannot watch on my Sony DVD player, only online. Had the same issues on XBOX live as well, and ONLY with Hulu. I bought a new Sony Blu Ray player almost specifically for Hulu use and I cannot watch any of my shows. It boots up, opens Hulu and my account,... Read more

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I enrolled my 10 year old at the Kumon learning center in Memphis, TN for help with his Math and Reading. He was given a enrollment assessment which placed him at a 2nd grade level. So I enrolled him believing the promises by the owner and her husband since both were from India and seemed they knew what they were talking about. After 5 months of doing the Kumon program I got his report card showing his Math and Reading comprehension grades at... Read more

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Thought I was purchasing two beautiful toy shar-pei puppies, but what a surprise I got. One is a mix breed, and the other has to be put down. These are not the dogs I purchased. Contacted the vet that signed the Health Certificate and sent him photo's he advised that these were not the dogs he saw, so they are taking different dogs in for health clearance and shipping the sick dogs out. I get NO phone calls returned. PLEASE DONT LET THIS... Read more

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I've had the card for about 2.5 years now and maintained good payment history with the exception of one late payment. I got this card when my score was pretty low (mid 500) and I really needed a credit card. My first time seeking a credit line increase with this company I was denied. Years of fixing my credit I achieved and still maintain 717 Equifax, 725 TransUnion (the bureau they used), 717 Experian (See Picture). They sent me a letter today... Read more

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I'm trying to reach someone to advise them that I have lost my phone and need it to be disconnected asap, and a replacement phone sent out.I have tried to call the customer number only to be told my hold time is over 30 minutes.That is ridiculous and should not be tolerated. Who has time to sent and hold a phone for that long. Then as I go on line to enter the imformation it tells me that the information is not correct. I'm not sure what... Read more

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I am going through this now .My mom passed in Aug 2014 .I had to pay funeral on my own because they say it was before 2 years and they have to get medical records I have sent it what I do know. They asking for records 5 years ago. How will I know that. Its still pending now then I was looking online under the policy and notice the benificiary was change from my name to a person name Parker Hansen. I immediate called the company to report this... Read more

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