My wife and I purchased a Cabrio washer from Lowes a little less than two years ago (factory warranty is twelve months). Our machine came with the see through glass lid. It turns out that the plastic frame that attaches the lid to the washing machine is a very poor... Read more

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American Homes 4 Rent - DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY: they created THOUSANDS in personal property damages
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They knew about the leaking roof and covered it up with paint. After I moved in, I found the leaking roof to be so significant. The ridge vent was to small for the gaps in the roof. They do not tell you that anyone that comes to the property is considered third party.... Read more

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McDonald's has aired a radio commercial stating that eating their chicken nuggets is more safe than petting a Pit Bull. This commercial angers me b/c I have been in pit bull rescue for years and this is doing nothing but crippling what me and countless others have... Read more

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I started the cleanse and developed cramps and loose stools on day four. I had to stop. I also have irritable bowel and I think this has triggered it! I then got my stomach under control and started the MNS 3. I tools that for three days with the same results. I... Read more

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I purchased two king my pillows approximately 4 months ago and the first time that I washed them the seam on my pillow ripped open and the foam filled my dryer. BAD QUALITY .... Very unhappy with this product. Would not recommend to anyone. Would like to get my... Read more

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I bought around 6000.00 in furniture at Knoxville Wholesale furniture, at the Callahan Road, location. The mattress I purchased sagged in the middle. I kind of ignored it at first but each time I would make the bed it seemed so apparent that I took pictures of it. I... Read more

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Cooks Pest Control is one of the worst-managed companies in America. They do not follow through, they do not keep their promises, they forget what they tell you from treatment to treatment. The people they send to the house are illiterate and ill-tempered and they... Read more

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They promised to have new tires and nitrogen filled. said they were filled with nitrogen. Asked were they got them and it was pep boys, went to pep boys and they said they don't have nitrogen. Then was told we would get a key fob for key less entry and a spare key. 5... Read more

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I like a fool signed up for Amora coffee. When I received the initial order, I realized that it's OK coffee but your paying over $30.00 for a pound of coffee. I knew I had 30 days to cancel, before the 30 days was up, another package arrived this time with 4 bags of... Read more

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We had Granite Transformations come out which was a free consultation. Lowes was going to charge us $75. She guided us with colors because we're not designers and we really appreciated this service. The designer was very knowledgable and friendly. We never felt like we... Read more

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