My wife and I purchased a Cabrio washer from Lowes a little less than two years ago (factory warranty is twelve months). Our machine came with the see through glass lid. It turns out that the plastic frame that attaches the lid to the washing machine is a very poor... Read more

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American Homes 4 Rent - DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY: they created THOUSANDS in personal property damages
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They knew about the leaking roof and covered it up with paint. After I moved in, I found the leaking roof to be so significant. The ridge vent was to small for the gaps in the roof. They do not tell you that anyone that comes to the property is considered third party.... Read more

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That is like 20 lbs weight reduction a month. Very NICE and thanks nurse. You got it right. Commitment is necessary to be successful with Roca Labs. Watch how Roca Labs improves and saves lives: or Darlene the senior who reduced 86 lbs... Read more

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On Saturday, 4/26, my daughter took her minivan to our local Walmart #41318 in Knoxville, Tn as she noticed that her tire had a big bubble on it and the van was not driving like it should. She explained the problem to Tim who was behind the van and left it as they... Read more

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You will find more unhappy people than happy. They hire the cheapest subs that they can find and then stretch their pay out for weeks. Subs usually quit because they can not survive. You wind up with shoddy work.They only build on your property for a reason. There is... Read more

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I started the cleanse and developed cramps and loose stools on day four. I had to stop. I also have irritable bowel and I think this has triggered it! I then got my stomach under control and started the MNS 3. I tools that for three days with the same results. I... Read more

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I'm from the Philippines, and a J1 Visa student, I was booked by the Budget Airlines a travel agency from the Philippines. The airline is Delta, I was shocked that my ticket cost $2346 connecting flights last March 30,2016 From Manila Philippines to Narita Japan to... Read more

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I called Lumanic Air to order my unit August 24th 2015. I received the unit October 30th way too long to wait on an order. I used the unit and I was happy with the way the unit worked but the makeup was very sticky and inconsistent and its spray. So I called Luminess... Read more

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After filing out their application online & seeing the ridiculously sky-high interest rates & fees, I opted not to take the loan. In less than 24 hours, I have received no less than 13 calls & voicemails. Each time I call & ask them to stop, they want... Read more

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DO NOT SIGN WITH EXPLORE TALENT! I filled out their forms and a few weeks later received an email stating that a hair modeling company in Atlanta, GA, had requested me specifically for their gig. I was told to call Explore Talent for what to do next. My mother and I... Read more

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