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Phillips Builders/Meritage Homes Arrington Retreat. BEWARE!!! 1.0 Buyers beware of this horrible builder!! We bought a new build with them last June 2016 and we (along with our neighbors) have had so many issues. We... Dollar General Corporation - garbage blowing about and no one cleaning it up 3.9 The dollar general store in Theodosia, Missouri has the packing plastic from the products bowing down the road where I live and they do not clean it... Dollar General Corporation - Nasty employees and sale items 1.0 On jan 1, 2017 I went to the dollar general in caddo mills tx, they had a sign on the drink shelf for dr pepper 12 packs 3 for $9. The sign said the... Clover Valley - Grape jelly I bought a jar (with the seal still intact) of Clover Valley jelly at the Grand Opening of the Dollar General store in Alma, Kansas on December 11,... Dollar General Corporation - Managers 1.0 Why is it every time I need to see a manager they are unavailable or in a meeting or gone to lunch?. I was in the Dollar General Merchant store in... Dollar General Corporation - Over charging 1.0 I have consistently been over charged on a wide variety of items at dollar general stores. The shelf price tag for items show a lower price than what... Kindercare - Bad Service! 1.8 After seeing several directors come and go and trying to hang in there with the change, they tell me two weeks prior to school starting that they... Hometown Rentals Customer Care Review from Goodlettsville, Tennessee 1.0 I specifically asked her if she could find me any properties in Davidson county. She said yes but when I received the list it ended up being...