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Kitchen And Bath Authority - Delivery Service Review from Dandridge, Tennessee I was so happy to see this low prices for shower bases . Boy was i wrong for trying to save a few dollars. I ordered a shower base and it was going... Lil Lodges - Tiny house was not finished as requested Our tiny house was not delivered as promised, The wooded interior was not finished as we had requested. The carpet in the Loft was baggy, and not... Sonic Deal Review from Dandridge, Tennessee 1.5 I ordered a hot dog kids meal and 2 of their special advertized half priced burgers. Asked them to exchange the fries for onion rings and was told... Morton Salt Seasoned Salt Review from Dandridge, Tennessee 1.0 I just purchase this a week and a half ago . I been cooking with it and yesterday i opened the big part on the cap . Two pill like balls came out and... Liquidation Channel - Watch Review from Dandridge, Tennessee Bought watch on bid auction and clasp would not open they wouldnt accept it back due final sale it was manufacturing problem Drivetime - Customer Care Review from Dandridge, Tennessee They were really nice and quick about what needed to be done i had so many options. They knew what they were talking about. RNR Tire Express And Custom Wheels - Review in Service Centers and Repairs category from Dandridge, Tennessee I'm currently a customer of RTR, recently my payment was due, and in the past I have received reminder calls about my account weather, I was coming... American Homes 4 Rent - Review in Real Estate category from Dandridge, Tennessee 1.9 I put in a maintenance request for a broken AC unit yesterday at 5:40 p.m. my son woke up this morning with 100.7 temperature because of how hot it...