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This person is a fraud and preying on the elderly. it should be a criminal offence to promise elderly people that they will perform a magic art and then they will start receiving money. If any-one can actually tell me who the person is and their address I will be doing... Read more

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  • Jan 08, 2016
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Awesome website. Best online shopping website hands down.great products at affordable prices. Free shipping and 100% garranty makes it safe to try so why not try for yourself

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Bro this is *** never received the free trial then charged $117 nz dollars after a month without still receiving a *** thing been trying to call but all numbers don't work and have sent a *** load of emails to an address that apparently doesn't exist... what the *** i...

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I ordered a free trial of optimal stack a month ago i paid the postage and never received a *** thing thinking that they were still sending it or something then i go check my bank balance and notice optimal stack has taken $117 out without even trying it WTF? Tried...

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