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Subaru Of America Subaru Of Soiux Falls Sd - Faulty windsheild 2.4 2018 Subaru outback one week old have used the defrosters one time on a cold morning light frost on windshield. Let car run for 10 minutes to warm up... Centurylink - Indaequate and confused customer service Beginning on: Fri. 9/08/17, still working on it as of this date- Mon. 9/11/17. On Monday spent over an hour on the phone trying to eliminate the... Billion Auto - Warranty - try another dealership 2014 acadia - still had 2 weeks of bumper to bumper waranty - just will not help - completly elusive and vague - didnt buy it there - probably why -... Midco - Cable constantly breaks up 1.6 My cable constantly breaks up, every time I have called them, the only resolution is to reboot the DVR. The one time I had a tech come out, they said... Wells Fargo - Treated poorly 1.5 I have been trying for 5 months to get an escrow check issued in my name that is due me as being sole heir of my brother-in-law. On one occasion I... First Premier Bank - I paid both my cards in fully they closed my accounts after. I called first premier to pay on cards. They told that one of my cards had been closed in Nov 2016. But I had been in communication with them setting... NCB Management Services - Waste of time 1.0 I started with them 2013 a guy called from their office and they said my debt would be paid after 14 months. I made arrangements to pay from my... Vast Broadband - Has no service on weekends or evenings. 1.0 I need help resetting a password that doesn't work. I was told there were no restrictions by a Vast service rep yesterday on their passwords as to...