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I made the mistake of ordering some clothing and shoes from Ashro and that is where the nightmare began. I received call after call on reference to my order, either they had part of it or it would be several weeks before all items were sent. The items I did get were of such poor quality that I sent them.back and the other items I told them to cancel and not send. Every since then I have been getting a bill....I keep asking why am I getting a... Read more

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After reading all these complaints I find truth in some of what people say. I worked with VC for several years. When I first started with VC the student did come first. They did matter and the ultimate goal was to improve the lives of these students that were not cut out for traditional schools for whatever reason. Several years into my career the pressure to meet numbers became unbearable. You were micromanaged daily to increase... Read more

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My credit card had expired. I did not wish to re order so I just let it go. To my surprise I had an order come to my door. I went to my account online and it has been updated. I did not give them this information and the interesting thing is the updated year is not correct online. I will call my credit card company in the morning. My gut says everyone knows cards are updated by the year only and some one changed the year. Be careful if they have... Read more

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My package was supposed to be delivered Saturday 1/2/16, we were home all day. There was no knock on the door, I went to get to mail in our mailbox and seen a sticky note stating missed delivery. I called fedex at 3:19 and it said package was attempted to be delivered at 2:46 (I was home). Spoke to many customer service agents who all have me the run around and told me my package would not be delivered until Tuesday 1/5/16. Not Acceptable to me!... Read more

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My name is Jason Daniels I work at Valvoline in Greenville SC on 29 and I know places do this but I know the owner of my Valvoline don't put up with any of his workers selling anything that they don't need and doing anything that was listed if any of his workers gets caught doing any of that they would be fired on the spot I have worked for many company's but Valvoline is the best and most honest company I have ever worked for the owners brother... Read more

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Bought the my pillow. It wasnt right cofort so sent ot back and got another difference color label, and still didnt like it. Never sent it back. Too much trouble, so ot was a waste of my money. Still woke up and had to cutl it up and fluff it constantly. Was flat all the time. It is sitting on the floor next to my night stand. Not worth the money. Its too much trouble to try and get my money back. And i hate spending that much on something... Read more

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I would have never paid $421 to file my taxes if it wasn't under the pretense of me getting the $750 "loan", was told 2 days later it wasn't filed that way and there was nothing they could do, waiting until I had my return back, called corporate to complain, told they had 24 hours to respond to my complaint, called back due to not hearing anything from anyone, was told it was closed, that I was expected to go into the branch so they could... Read more

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To all you people who are having problems with your orders and stuff I would suggest that you write letters to the corporate headquarters in Pittsburgh and address them specifically to Jay Kent the totally incompetent VP of Transportation. He is the *** who decided to eliminate the GNC truck fleet and created the logistical nightmare that has led to the tremendous drop in the value of this company. The only way these problems will be solved is... Read more

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We had a ranch house, a barn and a shed built by Backyard Custom Construction. They build nice sheds , BUT DO NOT use them to build a house. The made a ton of mistakes and we had to spend weeks fixing them. He built the interior doors rough openings the wrong sizes; many of the wall joists were not nailed; some of the floor boards were not nailed down; deck boards were not all attached; the walls were so out of level we had to rebuild a lot of... Read more

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My daughter has used the omni pod for some time. We are now replacing the PDM for the second time. She was recently in the hospital for irregular readings. At that point we noticed that the PDM did not match hospital readings. She was pregnant at the time making the readings and insulin amounts vital. When she came home from the hospital she did three readings using another meter and three with the Omni Pod. The independant meter had consistent... Read more

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