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Aspen Dental - Dentures Review from Taylors, South Carolina
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Was told I shouldn't need to go back but this is what my re-line looked like. They put it back n said all good Read more

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Bought the my pillow. It wasnt right cofort so sent ot back and got another difference color label, and still didnt like it. Never sent it back. Too much trouble, so ot was a waste of my money. Still woke up and had to cutl it up and fluff it constantly. Was flat all... Read more

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#OmegaXL #Sponsored OmegaXL has decreased the pain in my joints, especially in my fingers. I am able to play the piano better. I've always had an active life including alot of exercising and working in the yard. So many times I have awakened after an active day in so... Read more

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I ordered a dress on May 1, 2016. I paid $5.95 shipping. I ordered without doing research. Horrible mistake. It said it would ship within 21 to 24 days. Ok. Well after I placed the order, i found out it wouldn't ship until May 25, 2016. It did ship on May 25....but... Read more

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Waiter with zero personality. The only real words he said were when he came to retrieve the check where he plainly said, "Are you ready, ma'am?" after stepping away from our table for 30 seconds. Food was awful. Fries were soaked in grease. Our requests were not... Read more

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My name is Jason Daniels I work at Valvoline in Greenville SC on 29 and I know places do this but I know the owner of my Valvoline don't put up with any of his workers selling anything that they don't need and doing anything that was listed if any of his workers gets... Read more

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I've been a Wild Bill customer for a bit now and I have never had any issues! Great service, fast shipping and no hassle returns! I've bought single items and wholesale lots and every item was a winner! I'll be back for more and I'll be just as please because I know... Read more

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  • Jul 06, 2016
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Hulu you're an amazing company. I love the shows you offer for a great price. However, your live streaming is the equivalent to trying to watch *** with dsl, in 2002.

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My package was supposed to be delivered Saturday 1/2/16, we were home all day. There was no knock on the door, I went to get to mail in our mailbox and seen a sticky note stating missed delivery. I called fedex at 3:19 and it said package was attempted to be delivered... Read more

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I would have never paid $421 to file my taxes if it wasn't under the pretense of me getting the $750 "loan", was told 2 days later it wasn't filed that way and there was nothing they could do, waiting until I had my return back, called corporate to complain, told they... Read more

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