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My credit card had expired. I did not wish to re order so I just let it go. To my surprise I had an order come to my door. I went to my account online and it has been updated. I did not give them this information and the interesting thing is the updated year is not... Read more

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To all you people who are having problems with your orders and stuff I would suggest that you write letters to the corporate headquarters in Pittsburgh and address them specifically to Jay Kent the totally incompetent VP of Transportation. He is the *** who decided to... Read more

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I ordered two large pizza's at 6:20 PM for delivery and was told they would be delivered by 7:10 PM. At 7:20 I called to find out when they would be here and was told they were out for delivery. At 7:45 I called back and asked for a manager, was put on hold and... Read more

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I ordered a dress on May 1, 2016. I paid $5.95 shipping. I ordered without doing research. Horrible mistake. It said it would ship within 21 to 24 days. Ok. Well after I placed the order, i found out it wouldn't ship until May 25, 2016. It did ship on May 25....but... Read more

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#OmegaXL #Sponsored OmegaXL has decreased the pain in my joints, especially in my fingers. I am able to play the piano better. I've always had an active life including alot of exercising and working in the yard. So many times I have awakened after an active day in so... Read more

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I went to eat at golden corral located on pleasantburg dr greenville if im not mistaken the girl at register name destiney needs to be more friendly and stop looking like she hates being there doesnt smile doesnt even greet just ask what to drink. I eat out alot and... Read more

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I've been a Wild Bill customer for a bit now and I have never had any issues! Great service, fast shipping and no hassle returns! I've bought single items and wholesale lots and every item was a winner! I'll be back for more and I'll be just as please because I know... Read more

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I would have never paid $421 to file my taxes if it wasn't under the pretense of me getting the $750 "loan", was told 2 days later it wasn't filed that way and there was nothing they could do, waiting until I had my return back, called corporate to complain, told they... Read more

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Worst corporate idea ever. Try to spread anything other than mayo and they bust in half. Close examination reveals the cracks at the lines of the soccer balls. Also, the old Ritz taste is gone. You have been succesfull in fixing a good cracker until it is broke. ... Read more

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Due to the cost of groceries, we have started shopping at Bi Lo at the corner of East North St and Howell Road in Greenville, SC. Recently I had to return a package of Pillsbury Biscuits because they had been thawed and then refrozen. Last week we had to return a... Read more

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