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Hargray Communications - Over billed and under served 1.4 I've spent years in Riverwalk Business Park where Hargray was the only option. They charged for services and speeds that the infrastructure there... Hilton Spinnaker Resorts Vacation Package $349 I bought this package a year ago, June 2016 and tried to book at that time for October 2016 ( summer is not an option with this $349.00 package) but... Spinnaker Resorts - Lies, Lies, and more Lies The presentation appeared legit and professional in comparison to a family timeshare we already use. The Sales manager Jim Jacobs assisted mostly... Getaway spinnaker resorts, hilton head resort 1.3 I bought the package offered and have been trying ever since to book a vacation. They never have any availability. They have called me twice.... Spinnaker Resorts - Never get to use our weeks stay 5.0 For the past 4 years we have been paying on a resort week as a primer customer. We pay $500.00 per month plus the 900.00 per year maintenance fee.... Spinnaker Resorts - 90% of what you read here is true. I used to work there. 1.0 Spinnaker has multiple properties in its 3 locations. In Hilton Head they put you up at the musty, old and loud SR Hotel connected to headquarters and... Travel Advantage Network - Very unsatisfied 1.1 We were scheduled to travel to Hilton Head on Oct 15,2016 and due to the hurricane TAN had to cancel our reservation. When I called to handle th... Benefitwallet - Customer Care Review from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 1.0 This is the worst thing you can do with your money it's a scam to keep your money THAY freeze your card to make it nearly impossible to get...