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Great Clips - My hair looks great... in the front.
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When I got a straightener and styled my hair I began to see just how choppy she did my hair. I've been doing my own hair since I was 15 because of a bad hair indecent. He did a good job it just wasn't what I asked for. Plus it was in a different country so I assumed he... Read more

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Anytime fitness in Greer SC. Thought I was buying a 6 month gym membership. I paid in full and employee agreed to the six months. I signed the contract and six months later I get a letter threatening collection services if I don't pay up late dues. I looked at my... Read more

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My wife and I live in an AH4R home in Greer, SC and have had nothing but problems with them. We viewed the house which had nice hardwood floors downstairs and signed the lease. Before we moved in, a water leak from the refrigerator cause all of the hardwoods to be... Read more

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My sister was traveling from Punta Gorda, Florida to Asheville, North Carolina several weeks ago on Allegiant. She has flown with her Golden Retriever, who is certified as a therapy dog, for five or more years. She has never had any issues with airlines letting the dog... Read more

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They have a racist employee there named Michael Norton. He made several racist slurs about black people, apparently unaware that my wife is black. I was highly offended and I will never do business with this company again. He brought up the subject of the Ferguson... Read more

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I put in a cake order on Thurs afternoon and told the lady I needed the cake Sat. at 12. I get to WALMART *Greer location* at 1pm(hr later than actually said) and the cake is STILL NOT ready for pick-up. The lady said she would work on mine now and needed around 15min... Read more

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My hubby bought me this beautiful tote in teal on our honey moon. I take care of it, dont use it everyday keep it up etc.... Well I noticed that the handles of the bag were starting to look tattered and the glue stuff was pealing off on the sides. I complain about... Read more

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My brother has passed over a year ago and I'm still fighting with globe to settle my claim. They do anything not to pay off. They demand a bunch of paper work from the court, doctors and hospital. When you call no one seems to know what going on with your claim. Put... Read more

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Bought a truck cap for my 2011 Dodge Ram. Had it re-painted by Maaco of Greer to match my truck. When I go it back there were runs in the paint and rough spots they just painted over hoping the paint will hide it. Took it back and told them they needed to re-paint... Read more

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Just received my renewal notice with Safeco. I'm glad I noticed a significant change regarding Hail and Windstorm Deductibles. The new policy states that these areas of coverage will now be subject to a deductible which is 2% per 100,000 coverage. That would cost me a... Read more

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