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Great Clips - My hair looks great... in the front.
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When I got a straightener and styled my hair I began to see just how choppy she did my hair. I've been doing my own hair since I was 15 because of a bad hair indecent. He did a good job it just wasn't what I asked for. Plus it was in a different country so I assumed he might not have completely understood what I wanted. Even thought I showed him a picture of how I wanted it cut. Anyway I decided that I couldn't do the back by myself so I would... Read more

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My first time in love valley was when I was 15 and we rented this old run into the ground horses that were sweet none the less. The man who owned them was a sweet guy too, but the horses were still short (boarding on pony) skinny, hardy little things and though I loved em I was worried about them carrying me. The ride on the trails was a BLAST I loved being able to just wonder around, explore and have a good time. There were some flat... Read more

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Anytime fitness in Greer SC. Thought I was buying a 6 month gym membership. I paid in full and employee agreed to the six months. I signed the contract and six months later I get a letter threatening collection services if I don't pay up late dues. I looked at my contract I had filled away and noticed they had filled in the blanks to make me agree to 24 months of membership and used the check I paid with to get routing number for automatic... Read more

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Ubuilt (Robert Raditz - in Greenville, SC) quote was lower (on paper) then conventional home builders becuase Ubuildit left items off the quote to keep their bid lower. Items that were not on the quote but clearly on the house plans. We had a deck on our home - after construcion began I asked Ubuilt what material did he quote for decking - treated, trex, etc. Just to find out the deck was never quoted - $5,000 dollars worth - I ate that. I was... Read more

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My wife and I live in an AH4R home in Greer, SC and have had nothing but problems with them. We viewed the house which had nice hardwood floors downstairs and signed the lease. Before we moved in, a water leak from the refrigerator cause all of the hardwoods to be removed and replaced with cheap vinyl. No rent concession was made. We have had two toilets that do not flush properly and they tell us that is just how they are and they cannot fix.... Read more

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They have a racist employee there named Michael Norton. He made several racist slurs about black people, apparently unaware that my wife is black. I was highly offended and I will never do business with this company again. He brought up the subject of the Ferguson shooting, and was joking about Michael Brown being shot. Apparently because I am an older white man, he thought that it was perfectly okay to make racist statements to me. Apparently... Read more

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We bought 9 Champion windows for our upstairs to the tune of $4983.00 in 2004. As the years have gone by we have had seal failure on many, if not all of them. Their responsiveness to support the Lifetime warranty has gradually gotten worse with each replacement for seal failure. Service has been out here twice in the last 12 years by my records, to replace failed windows. Now the local office is closed and the closest location to handle warranty... Read more

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My sister was traveling from Punta Gorda, Florida to Asheville, North Carolina several weeks ago on Allegiant. She has flown with her Golden Retriever, who is certified as a therapy dog, for five or more years. She has never had any issues with airlines letting the dog travel with her. She has all the appropriate paperwork. She was told by a very rude airline associate that her paperwork she had for the dog was not good enough. My sister was... Read more

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I went to Aspen Dental Dec. 11 2015 in Taylors, SC (near Greenville Sc) I made appt for just routine cleaning. My teeth are in good cond. They refused to clean w/o doing xrays. I did not want the xrays or radiation. Two Xray tech. told me all the other radiation in this world I am subjected to. I said, I know, I only want my teeth cleaned. They said I had to talk to Dr. so had to wait, and told me because of that, they will put someone in for... Read more

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I have asked a quote for carpet cleaning 7 areas (4 BR, 2 Halls - LR & FR) and stairs. Also, I said there is small hallway between bedrooms and bathroom. The representative told me that this is a normal home and all the carpet area (except kitchen which has a wooden floor) will cost me $190. In the middle of the cleaning, I have asked they know the total amount I need to pay. The technician told me $290!. I was surprised and called back the... Read more

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