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Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing - Illegal scam escrow Last year on March 16,2016. My husband passed away. We had a freddieMac loan with mortgage insurance. I Called Green Tree/Diteh (spelling) and... Doctors Care - Excessive Billing and Long Waits even with Online Checkin 1.5 Beware - It you use the online check-in, you will get lowest priority on the wait.   Anyone who goes into the office will be put ahead of you.    I... Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing - Sent escrow payment and two mortgage payments 1.9 I have had multiple contacts with them. Either they are *** or committing a crime. I paid a shortage on my escrow account in July of 2017, then sent... 2014 Ford Focus - Unreliable - fuel system defective (3rd issue in 6 months) 1.0 Bought a 2014 Ford Focus 2 years ago with less than 30K miles - in the past 6 months, I have had three issues - one including being stranded on the... Do My Own - Don't buy products from do your own pest control 1.6 I brought a product called CYZMIC CS, and it was total B.S, it kill the roaches as promised, it seemed it made the problem worst! Its no wonder their... Aarons - Charged double 3.4 I rented two telivisions a few months ago have always paid go to pay my bill i was a few days late and manager wants to charge me double and say its... 9round Fitness LLC: Spamming Marketing Practices / Lawsuit started. 1.0 Future & Current Franchise Owners Beware!!!! Their Corporate Office Applies 1990's SPAM Tactics in Digital Marketing. With these actions has spammed... Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing - Modification HAHAHAHAHA Shellpoint denies everyone a Modification - after Bank of America swore to us that Shellpoint would complete our Modification what a joke the only...