To the Above Comment if your going to leave a Comment about someone's Business at least have the Balls to Leave your Name that is a coward that would leave a Bad Review but will not Identify themselves. Now with that said I would like to Thank Lending Club for the... Read more

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Rude customer service. Claims department seems to only know call back tomorrow. I have been waiting over a month for insurance claim check to be issued back to me or applied toy loan but keep getting the runaround supervisor says they're ... Read more

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Hello my name is Robert Campbell and I feel the pain of the other complaints that I have read via social media. I have just been scammed by toco after never missing a extended warranty payment. I have a 2006 Mitsubishi and I have been driving the vehicle for over two... Read more

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I was able to go through the Federal Trade Commission and finally get the My Pillow company to stop saying in the ads that the pillow allows a person to slip into REM sleep and stay there all night long. This was totally outrageous in that sleep is known to be... Read more

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Yes, I can advise about ASAP in two words. STAY AWAY. We tried to use this service for our tickets and found it to be an absolute nightmare. We bought tickets to Rome at a good price using the online service. The online service required that we include the 1-800... Read more

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We went t Schumacher to get a price quote on a home that was 164000.00 base price. After all the up grades no many we were at 250000.00 with a 20000.00 incentive taken off the price. Schumacher charges for the porta potty used while they build th house and a lot of... Read more

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Applied for a loan with these idiots and got approved, but then got a e-mail asking for my LES, W2, bank statements, license, and military id card. Sent all of that via e-mail and they still asked for a social security card? Kept sending e-mails saying documents... Read more

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We scheduled 4 tours several months ago to make sure we had the reservation and to allow the owner (Clint Frakes -Sedona Sacred Earth Private Tours) to work out any detail/scheduling he needed to do before each tour. The Sedona tour was fine. One site we specified was... Read more

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Organic Dutchman was hired to landscape my lawn to prepare for placing my house for sale. The curb appeal was greatly improved and the lawn has never looked better. I am certain that their work was one of the factors in selling my house within five days. They gave a... Read more

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Avasflowers - Avas Flowers
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I ordered a nice bouquet and a personalized card for my brother to be delivered to the hospital that he was admitted in because I couldn't travel. I ordered them with this company because I needed same-day delivery. I payed above $62 altogether. First, they said they... Read more

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