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Cubesmart - Poor customer service at Garner Lane, Columbia, SC location On 6/13/2017 I reserved online (2) 5x10 units to inspect by 6/21/2017. One was climate controlled and the other wasn't. A person named Laferrel(?)... Time Warner Cable - Technician over 2 hours late! So my service with TWC is now Spectrum in my area, but let me tell you my story anyways. I moved into a new apartment a few weeks ago, and I noticed... Camping World - Leak never fixed 1.0 I do not recommend Camping World. We purchased our camper from Camping World in Columbia about a year ago. We have had nothing but issues with our... Regal Cinemas - Great Except For Popcorn 4.5 I live in Wedgefield, South Carolina, and like to go to Sand Hills Theater in Columbia. I usually have a great experience there. The people that work... Jimmy Johns - Where is the meat 2.3 Three pieces of meat does not justify a sandwich let alone a Club Sub. Not sure if someone is not properly trained or just poor company. Meat is... Amc Theatres - Dear AMC Theaters: Take your caste elsewhere 1.9 Today was the last time I'll even get in a line for an AMC Theaters movie ticket. Apparently they have started a system of selling line-cutting... Waffle house in columia, sc 7505 two notch rd(DRUGS) 2.8 Please to not go to this waffle house the employees smoke drugs on the job while on the clock. don't you drug test. the employees are very rude there... Aflac - Denied Accident Claim 1.5 I injured my shoulder somehow, not exactly sure of accident date. But I started having problems with it in October 2016 and went to see an Orthopedic...