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To the Above Comment if your going to leave a Comment about someone's Business at least have the Balls to Leave your Name that is a coward that would leave a Bad Review but will not Identify themselves. Now with that said I would like to Thank Lending Club for the Opportunity to build my company Credit it wasn't what i was looking for but it was something and once i Pay off this Loan i will be able to borrow More with out all the Paper work. It... Read more

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We went t Schumacher to get a price quote on a home that was 164000.00 base price. After all the up grades no many we were at 250000.00 with a 20000.00 incentive taken off the price. Schumacher charges for the porta potty used while they build th house and a lot of other ridiculous costs. Most of the items they charged for should be the cost for them doing business. We were adding a 360 sq foot bonus room, just four walls and they wanted... Read more

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THIS IS THE LETTER THAT I WROTE TO THE COMPANY I am really hoping that there is someone in your corporation that truly has compassion! I am a very honest person and if I wanted to scam Wells Fargo or anyone else for that matter I think that it would be for more that $65.00???? You are losing a customer for $65.00!!!! This letter is not formal and may have multiple mistakes because I was writing this at work while very upset!!!! I want to start... Read more

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(Please read about another complaint in ref to FBCS in 2008) FBCS Inc. - 5 years of fartin around... Sep 15, 2008 ... I am a member of Baily's Fitness...have been since 1984. while i was living in CO i received a request for payment from them about a debt ... Now my complaint against FBCS in 2011!!! Beware of FBCS maybe they are a legitimate collection agency in Hatboro PA. But FBCS erred greatly when they called... Read more

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I would like to thank everyone that has requested information about Havertys products and where to purchase for a lesser price. Year to date I can say that i have received over 600 emails about buying Havertys product elsewhere for at least 1/3 the price. The money saved by the consumer on a $1,000.00 average has cost Havertys over $600,000.00. I will continue to help as many people as I can. Do know that Havertys has recently raised prices on... Read more

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Applied for a loan with these idiots and got approved, but then got a e-mail asking for my LES, W2, bank statements, license, and military id card. Sent all of that via e-mail and they still asked for a social security card? Kept sending e-mails saying documents missing. It felt like I was buying a car at a dealership and I only applied for 700! A complete ripoff company. Of the 700 I would have paid back 879. Read more

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Hello my name is Robert Campbell and I feel the pain of the other complaints that I have read via social media. I have just been scammed by toco after never missing a extended warranty payment. I have a 2006 Mitsubishi and I have been driving the vehicle for over two yrs. without even a hiccup and now they tell me that my problem was pre existing, I mean come on now I am not that ***. To make a long story short I am filing a class action suit... Read more

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Banfield Pet Hospital - First Shield Flea Medication is Poison
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First Shield Flea Medication sold by Banfield Pet Hospital in Pet Smart is poison. I do Not use Banfield as vet for my animals, but sometimes purchased Front line flea medication (for prevention) while shopping or having my animals groomed at Pet Smart. I had purchased Front line from them until this last visit. The Banfield receptionist informed me they no longer sold Front line, but carry a new "better" medication, that contained the same... Read more

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Yes, I can advise about ASAP in two words. STAY AWAY. We tried to use this service for our tickets and found it to be an absolute nightmare. We bought tickets to Rome at a good price using the online service. The online service required that we include the 1-800 customer service number from the credit card we were using, which seemed suspicious and unorthodox to me, but I thought, 'what the heck...this is basically public information. We... Read more

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I would NOT recommend Schumacher Homes in Columbia, SC. I first visited in March of 2011. Mostly because I would never let the Manager Dave Boldman build my house. He may know the construction side of things, but I dont want to deal with his attitude. He was rude and inconsiderate, to say the least. I felt like the only person he cared to help was himself. And I'm supposed to be paying this man for a service, and he acts like a ***. The rest of... Read more

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