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Ets - Delivery Service Review from Seoul, Seoul 1.3 The worst company that exists on earth. Abuses desperate and hard working students/ rips off every penny poor college students have and never do... Lynda - These *** Thieves I never even signed up for this *** and they took money from my account! They should be sued and I think I'll go through the motions of making this ha... Davita - Full-time 30 Hours! It has come to my attention from an employer that working full-time for Davita is now only 30 hours. This is utter BS. How can people live! We work... Ups - Iparcel Delivery Service Review from Seoul, Seoul
i-Parcel's funny and ugly Korean translation of its shipping advice and customs clearance notice. They never change the Korean translations even wit...
Lazada Philippines - Lbc Express Delivery Service Review from Seoul, Seoul 3.8 Hello. I ordered 5 items from Lazada. Four items has already been delivered. This one is not yet delivered and it says on the LBC tracking that it is... Uniqlo - Customer Care Review from Seoul, Seoul Worst customer service at myeong dong uniqlo. Really upset with sale staff by the name of Yang Hee Joo. My sister ask a few question on the price and... Showtime - Penny Dreadful Penny Dreadful is the best show you've ever had. I have always admired your competition's Game of Thrones. However, GoT doesn't have the depth of... Argentum Wealth Management - Retirement Investment Service Review from Seoul, Seoul LVP CASE ID 16-KC0019—DECISION SUMMARY

Complainant, Argentum Wealth Management K.K. (“Argentum”), submitted a complaint in accordance with the Legitima...