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Ardene - 13 Seconds 1.5 My hubby thought he was doing something nice and secretly bought a pair of shoes that I had just tried on. Not 13 seconds later I said I didn't want... Aztec Water System Aztec Industries Inc Httpwwwruralwaterca - AZTEC WATER SYSTEM, Aztec Industries Inc, 1.0 Bad water? DON"T BUY from AZTEC located in Saskatchewan Product is garbage, Service and Management is even worse! Takes months to get a service man... Aztec Water Systems - AZTEC Water, RURAl Water System, Expensive Junk Water System, Terrible Management and Service DON'T Buy 1.0 I bought a Water System from them 17,000 Expecting an Awesome product and awesome Service and I received Terrible Service, Poor Installation, Even... Doctor Oz - THANK YOU! DR OZ ,I LEARN A LESSON FROM YOU. A FREE TRAIL OF 2 PRODUCTS PAYING ONLY THE SHIPPING, BUT END UP CHARGED FROM MY CREDIT CARD $360.23 +SHIPPING.
After I check my card statement ,I called to cancel, but too late, they already charged another order.
Airbnb - Nightmare in New York 1.0 I am sure many guests have encountered many of the same issues I have, but I am not sure they all would have happened with the same host. I have decid... TAP4FUN! CROOKED COMPANY! DO NOT SUPPORT! 1.0 T4F does not care about anyone or what anyone thinks. They designed a game with as many money making tricks cheats lies they can get away with. In gam... TERRIBLE UPS DELIVERY EXPERIENCE I was tracking my package on UPS when it said it was delivered and signed by a name I had never heard of. When i called ups they were arguing with me... ClearPoint Direct - DID NOT RECIEVE MY STOCKINGS I SEND FOR FERN NAULT PAID BY CREDIT CARD I AM A OLD AGE PENSIONER AND THE MONEY I PAID FOR SAID STOCKINGS I CAN'T AFORD TO LOSE MONEY I AM IN A WHEEL CHAIR AND HAVE A HARD TIME GETTING...