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Roca Labs - Corrupt company that will take money from you without consent 1.7 I found out about this weight loss group through facebook last year. I read reviews and told myself I could use this product. I purchased in november... Airbnb - Cannot talk to any body 1.6 Cannot contact host because i cannot figure out how to import my picture. There is no way to contact air B&B. They are totally insulated from communic... Crocs - Cancellation not Allowed - At all 1.0 I've never seen such a disrespect with a customer.
The company's website is mediocre at best and does not allow the cancellation of an order. Despite...
CLARO - Trying to cancel is very trying !!!!! I have a long time Claro account.
In addition to my main number I have others that I never use but am paying for. I have been trying to cancel these for the past 2 months.
Debt Arbitrators - Same history as other consumers... FRAUD ! I received a letter on mail just like I've read happened to other people, but I believed in the veracity of it since I do owe credit cards.

Here is all the information on the email the supposed agent sent me:...
Westgate Resorts - Contas de manutenção em inglês e desfazer da unidade! 2.4 Prezado srs.
Não foi isso que me falaram quando adquiri a unidade em Orlando.

Fui recebido por uma vendedora de nacionalidade brasileira , que fal...
Resolved Merimobiles - Avoid this shop!!! Worst shopping experience ever!!!! 1.0 Got a LeTV x800 from this shop , with some accessories.
First thing: I choose to shipped it by DHL, but after 3 days, they said me that's not possibl...
Panasonic refrigerator is a mosquito breader on times of world dengue / zika epidemy 1.0 My refrigerator is keeping water that is not evaporating (during last 4 weeks of observation) on the waste reservoir, product of frost-free cycle.