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I found out about this weight loss group through facebook last year. I read reviews and told myself I could use this product. I purchased in november 2016 and started taking the product. For two weeks everything was fine. I lost about 12lbs but mostly water weight and... Read more

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Cannot contact host because i cannot figure out how to import my picture. There is no way to contact air B&B. They are totally insulated from communication. All I want is for someone to come and fix the television. I am in Rio seeing the Olympics. Regrettably my hosts... Read more

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very serious complaint Kellogg Company has some of the Most Horrible, Disgusting "No Customer Service" department in the world! I just called the 866-958-7884 toll free number today being tuesday, january 12, 2016 at approximately 10:00 a.m. e.s.t. and some very rude,... Read more

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I have a long time Claro account. In addition to my main number I have others that I never use but am paying for. I have been trying to cancel these for the past 2 months. First I went to the Claro shop. They advised they cannot cancel there and had to be done by... Read more

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Got a LeTV x800 from this shop , with some accessories. First thing: I choose to shipped it by DHL, but after 3 days, they said me that's not possible. I live in Brazil, and they keeping trying to make me send it by NL Post. I have a Ship To address, and sent to them... Read more

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I've never seen such a disrespect with a customer. The company's website is mediocre at best and does not allow the cancellation of an order. Despite the fact that the information is that any order can be canceled up to 30min from its submission, they don't have a... Read more

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Hi, I have bought and paid for 02 sunglasses from Rayban Sunstore but I have not receive any of them. The first one I bought in July-2011 and the other on in December-2011 Their order number are 52680184 for the first one and 63099343 for the second one. I have sent... Read more

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Prezado srs. Não foi isso que me falaram quando adquiri a unidade em Orlando. Fui recebido por uma vendedora de nacionalidade brasileira , que falava perfeitamente o meu idioma e sabia que eu não falava inglês e fui recebido por um advogado brasileiro. Vocês estão me... Read more

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I am very disapppointed at Alamo. My name is Thais and I live in Brazil. I have rented a car at Alamo in BWI on Nov 27th at 11 AM and returned in Washington DC (Union Station) on Nov 29th, at 2PM. I prepaid USD 94.99 for 2 days rent before picking up the car. As I... Read more

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My refrigerator is keeping water that is not evaporating (during last 4 weeks of observation) on the waste reservoir, product of frost-free cycle. Contacted the local Brazil Panasonic, but for them is a normal functioning product, there only solution is for the... Read more

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