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I want my money back for that remax offered me as an agent and did not respect I want my money back because all that remax offered me as an agent and did not respect , and I pay for it, as I say I enter as an agent and they... Lan Airlines Flight 2767 Review from Santiago, Region Metropolitana This is a complaint for

My flight was from 2/24 Lima to Easter island (transfer from Sao Paulo to Santiago in chile then arrive in Easter i...
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Miele - NO SPARE PARTS FOR MICROWAVEOVEN the fan in my 5 year old Miele microwave oven stopped working. Took it in for repair to the Miele store in Santiago, Chile, and after one month and... Lan Airlines - The Worst Customer Service LAN is mediocre at best but as soon as something goes wrong customer service is non existent. I have spent 6 months of mails and calls to LAN looking... George S May - If a consultant feels this way then who is the real *** artist? 5.0 The more enlightening question is that if this person felt he was providing nothing of value then whose fault is that in reality. The GS May Company h... Motogrid unable to continue scamming people Me too happened to me with an order for my kawasaki, page 267 USD, I send mail, call, send fax no answer, also claimed through their website and do no...