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Ocean Dental Cancun - 50% of my veneers have detached 1.4 Well it's September 24th, 2017 and the eighth of 16 veneers has detached. Congratulations Ocean Dental, you have reached the 50% failure rate. Looks... Ocean Dental Cancun - LAW SUIT AGAINST DR IRMA GAVALDON 1.4 Just do a google search for LAW SUIT AGAINST DR IRMA GAVALDON. It will answer all your questions. Ocean Dental Cancun Cancun Dental Specialists... Premier Cancun Vacations - Beware 2.4 I have been a member of the resort when it was name BlueBay. There has been several changes in the terms of my contract from year to year and I have... Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry - Poor work 1.0 Dr. German Arzate is a big liar!! It is good to advertise and attract customers. Poor quality of works with money paid earlier work!!I If you want to... Ocean Dental Cancun - Dental Problems with *** daughters 2.9 I went on vacation to Cancun with my 12yo, 10yr and 9yo underage daughters Vicky, Jenny and Daphne, worried about taking a bunch of preteens on... Palace Resorts - Worst customer service EVER. 1.6 I stayed at the Sun Palace in March and had the worst experience ever!!! I am a Palace Elite member for the past 10 years and have sent over a dozen... Cancun Dental Specialists - The best dental experience 4.6 Visit cancun dental specialists and everything was perfect. The deal with the specialists and the dr. Irma Gavaldon was awesome. From the arrival at... Premier Cancun Vacations - JUSTIN ROMANO BIG LIAR (Premier Vacations) 1.0 Our friend adviced to contact Justine Jay Romano, regarding vacation in Cancun Hacienda Tres Rios. Upon conversation Justine told us that we'll be...