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Wonder Travel - 3 days trip to New York City 5.0 I enjoyed my 3 days road trip to New York City. Wonder travel has very professional and helpful staff. I speciality would like to thanks the... Uhaul - Do not use U-Haul 1.0 We reserved few months earlier a truck for moving apartment, they told us by phone that everything was ok, we would have a truck reserved for this... Desjardins - WORST BANK 1.0 Beware!! Desjardins when you apply for credit card from Desjardins, you can expect 2 hard checks and possible approval / denial scenario. That's what... Communauto - Extra charges for everything! 1.7 They literally want you to call them to renew your car while you are driving in the traffic...... or you will be fined everytime. There are so many... ACN Canada - You should avoid ACN service at all costs 1.0 I am involved in helping my aunty to disconnect the services she had with ACN. Year ago, she opened a business so she somehow got a guy to set up... Arbonne International - Just like Amway - but more expensive I was in Amway years ago, the meetings were fun, and the weekend conferences were great. I loved all the books they recommended: they still help me a... Wonder Travel - Merci 4.5 Bonjour, Je voudrais partager un peu mon expérience ce weekend à New York. J’ai pris un tour guidé avec vous, le guide a été Anthony et le chauffeur... Expedia - Cancel my flight and Never Tell me 2.2 I will never book with Expedia again (first and last time) Here is my original Itinerary number 1156239852635. After receiving an email saying pack...