OMG! No wonder, I've been having a weird feeling about that forum/website(, cos you find the same set of psychics/workers been recommended on different platforms by what seem to me like the same person/group of persons trying to market them cos they... Read more

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I purchased this tool for my wife, after all possible efforts to make it work, she never had any success with it. So I called for refund well within that period of time, despite my complaing I was told that I had to continue using the tool for the whole try period.... Read more

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I gave lending club information for my business and submitted all required documents including 1120s after I was pre-approved. I gave the company the information they requested. The agent Kevin sounded very impatient especially when I told him it would take a few days... Read more

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I was a Younique presenter for over a year and I had the worst experience with the upline leaders. These people don't follow Younique's mission: uplift, validate and empower. Black status leader thinks they are the boss of everyone and they think they know it all.... Read more

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I am writing this not to complain but to simply mention to all those writing complaints about Arbonne that you shouldn't submit complaints about a company that genuinely has no strings attached,let's you work at your own , offers more support then any company I have... Read more

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After countless e-mails, phone calls to this company, the only sure way to end the charges on your credit card is to cancel your credit card with your bank! Read more

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I sorta ran into this site, AND realized 1 thing about ALL THOSE PUSHY SALESPEOPLE,, They seemed to have read and lived by the book THE ART OF THE SCREW So sorry to all those poor people that are guinea pigs that are used as homework for this book! I know money is... Read more

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October 9th, 2016 I bought product online from Resella-Pharmaceuticals is not even a real pharma company. They took money off my credit card as the credit card company confirmed this, sent me a receipt and stated they would get back to me with a shipment number for... Read more

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OMG!! I just realize the similarities between the names Bryant Pompey The senior sales rep is the same person scaming people specially tourists they target on the streets of Nassau Bahamas (bracelet tag from resorts) BEWARE THEY CHANGE THE NAME OF THE COMPANY FROM... Read more

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I will never book with Expedia again (first and last time) Here is my original Itinerary number 1156239852635. After receiving an email saying pack your bags your going on vacation, Me and my GF went to the airport to find out we weren't on the flight we had booked to... Read more

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