I gave lending club information for my business and submitted all required documents including 1120s after I was pre-approved. I gave the company the information they requested. The agent Kevin sounded very impatient especially when I told him it would take a few days... Read more

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I purchased this tool for my wife, after all possible efforts to make it work, she never had any success with it. So I called for refund well within that period of time, despite my complaing I was told that I had to continue using the tool for the whole try period.... Read more

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OMG! No wonder, I've been having a weird feeling about that forum/website(SPSReviewForum.com), cos you find the same set of psychics/workers been recommended on different platforms by what seem to me like the same person/group of persons trying to market them cos they... Read more

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I was a Younique presenter for over a year and I had the worst experience with the upline leaders. These people don't follow Younique's mission: uplift, validate and empower. Black status leader thinks they are the boss of everyone and they think they know it all.... Read more

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I am writing this not to complain but to simply mention to all those writing complaints about Arbonne that you shouldn't submit complaints about a company that genuinely has no strings attached,let's you work at your own , offers more support then any company I have... Read more

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If you have a Nissan Murano and have had trouble with the transfer case cracking or failed....please go and respond to this poll!! We need to stand together to make Nissan admit that their transfer cases are faulty and should be recalled!... Read more

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Anonymous People may not know the biggest fact about arrbone , they can brainwash you and destroy your family life , in every family the problems between husband and wife but your you or your wife , specially womans will join arbonne after few years she will come out... Read more

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After countless e-mails, phone calls to this company, the only sure way to end the charges on your credit card is to cancel your credit card with your bank! Read more

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Ebay & paypal scam
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On Febrary 15, 2016 I've sold a wheelset on ebay. I received a notification about the payment from Paypal and sent the item. It was delivered by Febrary, 19 2016 on which I received a notification. Suddenly, on March, 8 I got an e-mail from Paypal about cancellation of... Read more

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I purchased an ACN digital phone back in November 2008 and was told I would be out of a phone for a day or two meaning no phone and no internet I was out of a phone for two weeks To contact service department was horrible I had to wait sometimes about 2 to 3 hours ... Read more

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