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ACN Canada - You should avoid ACN service at all costs 1.0 I am involved in helping my aunty to disconnect the services she had with ACN. Year ago, she opened a business so she somehow got a guy to set up... Arbonne International - Just like Amway - but more expensive I was in Amway years ago, the meetings were fun, and the weekend conferences were great. I loved all the books they recommended: they still help me a... Wonder Travel - Merci 4.5 Bonjour, Je voudrais partager un peu mon expérience ce weekend à New York. J’ai pris un tour guidé avec vous, le guide a été Anthony et le chauffeur... Expedia - Cancel my flight and Never Tell me 2.2 I will never book with Expedia again (first and last time) Here is my original Itinerary number 1156239852635. After receiving an email saying pack... Desjardins_Victim 1.0 Please !! Stay away from Desjardins....I was with them for 7 years. In 2013, I had an accident with my BMW. They denied my claim because airbag didnt... Zumba Fitness Personal Trainer Review from Montreal, Quebec 2.4 Zumba was a great thing in my family. At least until this past week. But family does not go to get bullied, not just by a couple of the dancers but... Beyond The Rack - Terrible, terrible merchant. 1.8 Like many others, when the business went bankrupt, they "stole" my store credits I earned from a return. They just give credits, not money back. It... Ardene - Horrible Manager 1.5 I went to find some chokers at Montreal complexe Desjardins. I went there for two days on the same place. The first day was to search and the second...