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Saladworks - Cashier Ripoff 1.0 I handed the cashier a $20 bill and .45 cents, she put the bill in the register and handed me .04 cents and closed the drawer, without giving me... VitaGlo - TOTAL DISRESPECT FOR CUSTOMERS 2.7 I have been a long term customer of this business with no problem. The first time I had a problem was when they sent me the wrong product. I... Petro Home Services - Scammers at Petro Like many other reviewers, I too was scammed by Petro. The customer service is terrible in that they do what they want to do and don't listen to the... Lasership - Delivery Service Review from Southampton, Pennsylvania I placed an order through Amazon for an item costing 70.00 and it was supposed to be delivered by lasership. I received a text and email from Amazon... French Toast Uniforms - Uniforms Review from Southampton, Pennsylvania 1.5 This is my first year dealing with French Toast and it has not be good. Their service sucks big time. The 800 number folks are incompetent and rude.... Aqua America - Review in Other category from Southampton, Pennsylvania 1.4 Two checks of mine were returned and they could not take a debit card or credit card to take my payment. My service was shutoff. Same day they told me... Vivid Seats Sport Ticket Review from Southampton, Pennsylvania 1.0 I don't know how this company stays in business. My PayPal information was stolen and tickets were purchased on this website without my knowledge. I... Cvs Pharmacy - Coupon Review from Southampton, Pennsylvania Today, at the CVS store on Street Road in Feasterville, PA, I had the worst experience imaginable. I have been a frequent customer of CVS and spend th...