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The Wig Company - Always Wonderful 5.0 This is a great company to order from. They are patient, helpful, knowledgeable, and most importantly, honest. Obviously if a wig smells like perfume... Davison inventions I paid davisons almost $6000.00 to help me with an idea . They mainly made a picture of my idea and sent it to one company,then said it was turned... Petland - stay a away or forewarned is forearmed 1.0 Please have an orthopedic specialist check your puppy. I purchased mine from Petland Robinson 07/16, he almost died twice in the first month and has... Little Caesars - Raw deep dish pizza 1.5 I ordered a deep dish pizza at 5:15 and was told it would be ready in 10 to 20 Minuts. When I went to pick it up they had not startes it. The manager... Target - Item Purchased Not In Bag 3.1 I purchased several items at Target Mt. Nebo Point, Pittsburgh, PA and the I got home I noticed the weeding card I bought was not in the bag. I... Little Caesars - Rushing and selling Raw pizza dough 1.1 Last Thursday I ordered a deep dish pizza at the Little Caesars on Centre Avenue in Pittsburgh, PA. I placed my order at 4:41 PM and was told it... Eliite Transit Solutions - Unprofessional Customer Service 1.4 I called ETS to inquire a packing and shipping quote. They had some teenager answer the phone and basically asked why I was calling. I explained to... Salvation Army - Never returning. 2.0 Never returning. Paid for two items, total of $6, with my card. Lady, who had already ignored us waiting in line until told by a supervisor to help...