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Straight Talk is Beyond Horrible! After only 1 month, my phone stopped working. It would not recognize that I added the unlimted $45 card to it. The phone was purchased new from Walmart. I called the customer DIS service department and they saw that their system... Read more

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I have read a lot of reviews about Melaleuca, both favorable and unfavorable, and I thought I'd put in the 2 cents of a couple who did not sign up and the reasons why not via our experience after being invited to a evening to discuss these products by a friend of ours.... Read more

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I got on the site and nothing I mean nothing. So I decided to call them and was told to type in and all I got is a bunch of topics that did not say free gift. I was told I would be in the site that asks for your name and... Read more

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Ashley Furniture - Bought durablend leather couch and loveseat peeling and cracking.
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Purchased a durablend leather couch and loveseat from Ashley 2 years ago it started cracking and peeling everywhere. Called the MFS protection plan said not covered normal wear and tear. Was told this furniture would last up to 15 years if taken care of. False its... Read more

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In my personal experience and opinion: "" is "Real Dangerous" and "Real Deceptive". Upton Sinclair said, "It is hard to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it." Plastic surgeons depend upon plastic surgery... Read more

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I have a 695 FICO and was approved for up to $15k at 28%. Can we say LOAN SHARKS!! Read more

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In July it will be 2 years since I had my transplant. I have written to their corporate office in Beverly Hills and their response was always to send me back to Dr Cornwell (who is arrogant) at the Philly office where I had it done and always received the same answer.... Read more

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We appreciate receiving your feedback. We have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers and regret you had a bad experience with our customer service department. When our orders are processed, they are fulfilled right away. We take our customer service very... Read more

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I'm an avid seller of designer purses and Shoes. Over the past 3 months, I've sold 11,000$ worth of purses with them. Clearly, my items are very high end and deserve the utmost priority, given the amount of money I've made for them. I also sell on many... Read more

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I sold an authentic Chanel bag on tradesy. It was authenticated by my poupette. I am a reputable seller on ebay. The buyer returned it accusing it being fake. Tradesy has had i for 3 days. Today I found out my account was suspended without any notice. Tradesy is having... Read more

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