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Sam.. Waste of Money and they definitely are not all non profit. They send out letters for a fake invite to an open call ( claiming someone submitted their names all Lies they get them online by doing a little search in areas they want kids from from places like on Fb... Read more

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i've been trying for two months to get Leaf Guard to clean out the clogs in my gutters. Three times they have promised to come clean out the clogs but they never show up. I guess I will have to pay someone to clean them. When it rains, the water overflows like a... Read more

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This place does horrible business. When we first got there, they were really nice and helpful. Our car was handed to us by an associate named Elizabeth, blond curly hair. We got the contract to sign and it showed no damage. I inquired why I did not have the opportunity... Read more

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My wife bought me a Tag Haur watch fro my birthday. The watch worked fine for 2 years. After 2 years the watch would not keep accurate time. I tried to send to Tag Haur for repair, however they said they could not repair it since someone had removed the serial... Read more

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This company SUCKS! They are blood sucking parasites. I tried to cancel my service because I lost my job and needed to cut down on my expenses and found out I was bound to a 3 year contract... They literally told me I needed a death certificate to get out of the... Read more

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To all students who are thinking of enrolling in the Dialysis Program...DON'T!!! I have just completed the program today August 26, 2013 at the Norristown was awful!! Just an FYI, you have until the 4rth day to change your mind before they lock you into... Read more

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I purchased 3 LV bags over the past 8 years. I purchased them for the same reason that many people spend insane amounts of hard-earned money to buy a coveted LV: quality, service and legacy. The leather trim on my large Neverfull GM bag is torn, fraying even. In... Read more

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I just found this site because I have so much Jublia I wont be using. The process was great, on my first contact the gal was professional except for saying Thank You way too much. Then I started to get messages about refills of Jublia and to call within 24 hrs. ... Read more

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I got used auto loan from your company back in December . My wife and I have 760 plus credit . It was the day of the sale and your company sticks with a 29.57 percent interest on a 4600 dollar loan . I could not back out because it was the day of the auto sale . I... Read more

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On Jan. 21,2014 @ about 15:00 hr The Norristown Police Department came to my parents house located @530 Kohn st Norristown pa 19401 for a fight going on. Myself Georgeann Scotti and my brother John Scotti got into a heated argument. We both came into our house The... Read more

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