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Sam.. Waste of Money and they definitely are not all non profit. They send out letters for a fake invite to an open call ( claiming someone submitted their names all Lies they get them online by doing a little search in areas they want kids from from places like on Fb... Read more

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Please do your research on the company before purchasing their products. The company hides behind their unanswered phone and email server only to leave you stranded with no options. When you try to return the product, they will refuse to credit your funds back. Just... Read more

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This company SUCKS! They are blood sucking parasites. I tried to cancel my service because I lost my job and needed to cut down on my expenses and found out I was bound to a 3 year contract... They literally told me I needed a death certificate to get out of the... Read more

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I'm so sorry to hear this and thank you for bringing these concerns to our attention. We have located your account and will be contacting you shortly to better understand your experience and to try to find a positive resolution. Very Sincerely, Owen Customer Care Read more

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I had a large order today at the Norristown, PA Walmart on 53 W. Germantown Pike, Norristown, PA 19401, Store# 03565, 16 items, $72.73. The woman at the customer service desk would not honor an expired $.50 coupon for my Colgate toothpaste. The coupon was less than 30... Read more

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I tried using my ATM card at a TD branch and while it allowed me to access my account it wouldn't allow me to withdraw funds. Talked to a teller and she said that all TD ATM cards were having the same problem. They were aware of it and were fixing it shortly. A day... Read more

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My loan application has been going for 2 months. They were requesting a lot of documents which weer provided right away but after receiving them they kind of disappeared. I had to contact them several times to get an update. Their response was always the same; we are... Read more

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Because of a mishap with the train my daughter is getting into Grand Central 15 minutes before her bus. She must pick up her ticket before being able to board the bus. By doing so, she will probably miss the bus. Greyhound will make her pay 20 bucks to reschedule if... Read more

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They are the worst!! I placed an order on 10/03/16 and paid extra to have it expedited. I was told that it would arrive on 10/04/16 and no later than 10/05/16. I didn't receive the order on 10/05/16 and called customer service on 10/06/16. I was advised that the... Read more

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Bought a spa from Burnell on Thursday. He was great staying later to help us but in the end he had to wait for someone in corporate to put the sale on our Leslies credit card. Said he would call the next day before I left for work to finalize but he never called. I... Read more

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