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After spending a vastly overpriced $60 on one pillow, I was happy to take it home imagining it would be a new experience. After one night, I woke up with neck pain like I've never experienced before. I thought maybe I'd slept "wrong" and even though it felt like a lost... Read more

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Bobs Discount Furniture - No Insurance delivery team
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I purchased furniture to be delivered January 4th. All went as planned until the delivery crew hit my cable line while leaving in the delivery truck. They never stopped to acknowledge the damage. I called Bobs and placed a claim. I was then informed Bob's uses Diakon a... Read more

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We were talked into a Restore Grand Legacy Mattress at our local Levin's store saying it was the best of the best. Ours was sagging horribly within 2 months. There is no support in our mattress either. As soon as my husband changes position it causes me to move around... Read more

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I bought what was supposed to be a leather recliner and sofa from Levin approx 2 years ago and I also bought the extended warranty. One of the reclining mechanisms in the sofa stopped working and someone came out to check it and it had to be replaced. My actual... Read more

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Customer refused to stop trying on pierced earrings when she was told twice that the health department forbids it for obvious reasons. Was belligerent about it and stated that she "didn't care." Another customer blatantly lied about being ignored because I wasn't... Read more

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We needed a car desperately as I wrecked the only we had in a blizzard. The car itself and getting the car was not a problem for us. They made the due date for payments the same day as my husband gets paid. This is where our problems started. They call all 12 of my... Read more

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Agree with all the statements above completely! We live out of state and the air conditioning on our house in Monroeville wasn't blowing cold air. We called Waldron and they took all our information and my parent's information, as they would be the ones to let him in... Read more

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We purchased a "leather" sectional for my husband's man cave from Levin and also purchased the warranty from them. We have a family room on our main floor as well as a living room that we rarely use. We've been empty nesters for the last 8 or 9 years, so it's just the... Read more

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I went to Visionworks for their BOGO. It cost me $618 and that was one free!!! Really??? I returned SEVERAL times complaining that I could not see out of one pair. They told me there was nothing wrong and that both pairs were the same prescription. I also complained... Read more

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Horrible service for warranty claims. It started off with a defective bag. They gave me 5 years to choose a new bag from their website. Everytime I picked (picked ATLEAST 5-7 times) the bag wasn't available. I called customer countless times. They kept forgetting to... Read more

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