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After spending a vastly overpriced $60 on one pillow, I was happy to take it home imagining it would be a new experience. After one night, I woke up with neck pain like I've never experienced before. I thought maybe I'd slept "wrong" and even though it felt like a lost... Read more

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I joined Thumbtack as a professional and started submitting quotes. I got one legitimate lead within two weeks but the price of my material was too high for the customer. That's life. I continued to submit quotes for several months afterward and have received nothing,... Read more

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They all lie from the owner to the salesmen to the office managers to the service department then to the installers to you. You ask if they resloped my gutters and they say yes,ask if they sealed gutters they say yes and so on.did they clean the gutters. Salesmen say... Read more

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We bought our Maltese puppy in January 2012 at PETLAND MONROEVILLE. We brought her home with kennel cough but that was not a problem with us. The next three years we deeply fell in love with our little girl. We maintained her health and got her groomed every five... Read more

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This is the issue that I have been having (below). Emailed Account Disputes several times to no avail. They will not lift the ban. Very unprofessional and unfair treatment. I have been buying their products for years and have never been accused of cheating. Clearly,... Read more

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I do not shop at this store often because usually they give bad service and I don't need that hassle (spending my money at a place that doesn't value their customers) Last week I went in to get a piece of fabric for a photo shoot, when I asked 2 different employees if... Read more

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We brought a coach and loveseat and have had 4 repairs so far and it is still not fixed. We asked them to exchange it for better furniture and the woman from Smithton, PA Laurie said absolutely not however on their website about Exchanges "Exchange or return of stock... Read more

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I bought what was supposed to be a leather recliner and sofa from Levin approx 2 years ago and I also bought the extended warranty. One of the reclining mechanisms in the sofa stopped working and someone came out to check it and it had to be replaced. My actual... Read more

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Customer refused to stop trying on pierced earrings when she was told twice that the health department forbids it for obvious reasons. Was belligerent about it and stated that she "didn't care." Another customer blatantly lied about being ignored because I wasn't... Read more

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First, I just want to say that I have never EVER voiced my opinion like this before, but the service I received was so disgraceful that I couldn't keep quite. I was referred to this stylist (Julie) by another client of hers. This friend of mine also referred another... Read more

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