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Subway - Treat their employees like *** 1.0 We walked in to talk to the manager about our daughter as an employee. We were waiting for him to come inside the store so we can speak with him. He... Lazboy - Arm pad depressed after 2 years. 4.2 We bought a Lazyboy sofa & 2 swivel chairs in May of 2015. We loved them till we noticed that the foam in the arm rest of one of the chairs developed... Caliber Home Loans - Predatory lenders 1.1 I became disabled and going through rough times and needed a loan to keep home so they suckered me in at 10% and after a few yrs of paying pretty... Ripped off by who QVC? or Premier Support? 1.0 I purchased a computer (Dell) from QVC back on 1/2014 and with this laptop computer came a lifetime guarantee with PC Treasures that I would have a... CLASS ACTION Lawsuit - Maytag MVWB835DW 1.4 Any attorneys out there interested in starting a Class Action Lawsuit against Maytag to help us little guys band together against this corporate... Belco Community Credit Union - Belco Credit Union - Worst Customer Service Ever - Bad Business Practices 1.0 Online system recently updated - when I went to pay by bills the link disappeared - 2 days later I decide I better reenter payments - guess what -... Ruby Tuesday - Manager Attitude 2.7 After dining at your restaurant at1294 Millersville Pike in Lancaster Pa.on Nov. 3 2016, where we had excellent food and drink. We were presented... With Official Company Response Progressive Leasing - No different than predatory lending 1.0 Our purchase amount was 799.

I have been paying for 6 months and decided to try and find out my balance because it should be about paid off.
WRONG. My original starting total was somehow doubled to 1647 and even though I pay about34/35 a week, somehow my buyout option is still 640.