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Meaningful Beauty - Blurred vision I am 50 years old, and have been using the products for about 4 months now. I have not noticed any difference with my skin. I had seen the... Walmart - Black Friday brings out the animal in us. I with my family went shopping on Black Friday. Most of the sale items were television sets and big items. But there were a lot of smaller items... Daxmart - After speaking with their "customer service" I cancelled my credit card After placing an order enticed by cheap prices, I placed an order for a tg-4 camera. I never got an emailed invoice (red flag 1). The next day I got... Sheetz - Treatment of employee I watched my 22yr old daughter take pride in her job at sheetz. She missed holidays, sleep and personal time in order to cover shifts of those who... The Territory Ahead This online retailer used to be something special, it is now so ordinary, it is barely respectable as a business. I don't mind paying more for... Mcdonalds - Poor Service At Wellsboro PA McDondalds Drive Thru Wellsboro, PA - McDonalds Drive-Thru - My last visit was pretty much like most of my visits to the Wellsboro McDonalds. I pull up to the drive thru sc... AARP backs Cellular Consumer phones./. WHY??? AARP advertised Cellular Consumer phones.... through Sears... I went to Sears (100 miles away) & bought a phone thinking I could activate it through... Esurance - Convenient and expensive... I was a loyal Esurance customer until about a year ago, when I noticed on my automatic renewal that, after two years of safe driving, no accidents,...