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Kmart Manager
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Member Solutions - Refused to refund 1.0 My son had to drop out of his jujitsu class for medical reasons. When presented with a doctors note saying he could not return to the class, the... Ulta Precision Liquid Eyeliner Review from Jenkintown, Pennsylvania 1.0 Hi. I bought precision liquid eyeliner,one blue one black, from the clearance section. Can you believe when i opened them blue one was all dry it didn... Hulu - Free showtime trial? No, not really. Hulu (seemingly) offers a free trial of showtime to its subscribers, but when you click on the "start my free trial" button, you go to a page where th... Angies List - Save your money! 1.0 We had an experience similar to the advertiser in Cowimingo Maryland. We too signed up with Angie's List after being pursued for many months by sales... Kmart Manager Review from Jenkintown, Pennsylvania This is an awful store to work for. Especially the Bear, De store. We have an incompent store mgr. And for the 2nd time in 3 weeks he has displayed a... Brylanehome - Fraud 1.2 By Lane took a check $25.00 and cashed it for $250.00 only want to give us back $175.00 because of late fees if first and the 3rd why would they... Liberty Mutual Insurance - Their claim about not raising your rates if you have claim is BS 1.0 So my drainpipe failed in a 90 year old house and they paid $1000 for the plaster repair. They then raised my rates by $500 a year on my homeowners... Don't go to Petsmart We, took our bunny to get him looked at for head tilting. Chelsea the Banfield Vet assistant (or tech in scrubs) was cold and had this 'I-don't-care...