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how in the world do they get away with such trash. These people dont care about the consumer. Where do they get there clothes? Cina. cheap ***. isnt worth paying to price. Better off at Marshalls. At least there you can get a gucci shirt for the same price. sneakers... Read more

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Our salesman, Mitch Goldman, was pushy and lied to us to make a sale. He called a manager to get pricing approval and they did the good old "if you buy it RIGHT NOW you'll get this price." We felt very rushed so we made sure to ask if we could return the mattress if we... Read more

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We had an experience similar to the advertiser in Cowimingo Maryland. We too signed up with Angie's List after being pursued for many months by salespeople. We had high hopes that being Angie's List members would increase our business. We were sadly mistaken. We... Read more

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  • Jun 13, 2016
  • by anonymous
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Ga Milano Footwear and Clothing complaint 140019
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Similar situation in the suburbs of Philadelphia today where two Italuan gentlemen asked for directions to the airport and gave my husband four GAMilano leather(?) jackets. They did not ask for money but did ask for my husbands business card, which he did not give...

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Hi. I bought precision liquid eyeliner,one blue one black, from the clearance section. Can you believe when i opened them blue one was all dry it didn't work. And black one is just okay. I am so disappointed with Ulta , i dont know if i am gonna go there again Read more

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  • Jun 10, 2016
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I have just had the worst can of hearty clam chowder ever - a very few clams and loaded with potatoes! Hideous!

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I have sent these people about 5 resumes, and havent gotten a call back. I checked my references, they never called. I have left messages, they havent return my call. I suspect that there hiring practice is for people with little experience,and under 30 which in turns... Read more

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My son had to drop out of his jujitsu class for medical reasons. When presented with a doctors note saying he could not return to the class, the company, saying that they already had the money, refused to refund us for the last month the contract. They had told me over... Read more

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Hulu (seemingly) offers a free trial of showtime to its subscribers, but when you click on the "start my free trial" button, you go to a page where the only option you have is to upgrade your service with ST for an extra $8.99 a month. Try it: ... Read more

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