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I ordered 2 $22 for the Secret Santa Mystery Bundle - Shipping Included on November 16, 2014 and shipping stated 2-4 weeks for shipment. I received a "tracking number" and when I go onto the website to track it, it says "NOT FOUND" and "Tracking information is... Read more

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Every couple of minutes this company is advertising adorable personalized Easter baskets for $19.99 with FREE shipping on TV! So I decided to send one to my Granddaughter.They tell you to just click on the star in the upper right hand corner and type in FLIGHT to get... Read more

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I used to love shopping at goodwill and catching some bargains, some great, some not so great. Not anymore. The prices have gone up so dramatically in the past few months that I rarely walk out with a purchase. The Christmas stuff was the worst! Our local Goodwill... Read more

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My nane is Charles H. Troutman Jr. , my adrres is 870 Clifton Heights Rd. Apt.1 Hummelstown pa.17036 i have a complaint. Social security sent sent 2 women here to my door Friday afternoon to talk about the Bible and the older lady holding the papers dropped some at... Read more

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Item did not arrive until a month after the order was processed. They would not tell me anything about the tracking and where the item was. I had to file a PayPal dispute to get any answers. The only answers I received were generic messages that said it is normal... Read more

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I purchased a dress on June 8th from David's Bridal's for my son's wedding off the rack, didn't need to be special ordered or alterations. When I tried it on it was wrinkled and asked them if it could be pressed before I take it home. They kept the dress and receipt... Read more

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I have a 3 year old Frigidaire Gallery series that has duel icemakers. I have had nothing but issues. The bottom ice maker overfills and spills out the back of the icemaker wedging in the door. If you don;t realize it the door will stay slightly open and all your... Read more

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  • Apr 06, 2016
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I have nothing but good to say about our local Super Cuts. My stylist is Ashley. She knows what i like and is very accomdating, as i am handicapped. Everyone is courteous and attentive to each client. My son referred me to Ashley. Our shop is in Hummelstown,Pa.

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I had a AAA Travel Card through MetaBank. The card was inactive for over a year and I noticed that the small balance was being taken away by monthly inactivity charges. There was no communication with me when these fees started. I called to inactivate the card and... Read more

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As a first time traveller with Gate 1, I feel compelled to write this review. I have been on many trips ( Europe , Asia, South America, Central America) with another agency but decided to go with Gate 1 this time . I feel this was a mistake. Let me first go over the... Read more

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