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Woodforest National Bank - Terrible Employees I used to work at the Woodforest in Honesdale PA. I cannot understand why Wells is in the news for their deceptive practices but not Woodforest. The... Suburban Propane - Overpriced!!!!!!!!! The last fill up I got from Suburban Propane was $5.33 per gallon. I use propane for hot water, cooking, and we also have small heaters we use occasi... Suburban Propane - Overcharging for Propane 1.0 $12.05 per gallon was the charge on my last fill up, when propane is available locally in Northeast Pennsylvania for $1.35 per gallon or less. ... Woodforest National Bank - Worst Manager EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1.3 The Honesdale PA branch is run by perhaps the worst manager on earth. I came in to enquire about an IRA. The boy (he was wearing a man bun as a hair... Hometown Buffet - Bad food there Dickeson city scranton pa bad food raw chicken dirty dishes baked macaroni was dry out and burned no coffee in the container I told them no one... Artistic Checks - Dumb as a box of rocks 1.0 I ordered checks from them and the first time they were printed wrong. Called them and they were rude but I convinces them to reprint the order. When... Home Depot - Store Manager Sucks Wanted to order a fridge and saw Lowes had it cheaper. Home Depot has a price match policy where they match the price AND beat it by %10. I did a live... Do Not Buy From Signtronix Save yourself alot of money and time! Find another sign company. I would suggest a good local one that will fix any problems themselves. We have had...