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Sleepys/mattress firm scam 1.0 My husband and I are going through the same experience as many others with Mattress Firm which was Sleeys at the time we had purchased three... Zulily - Unethical Business Practice 1.0 Zulily is a company that has thrived on unethical business practices. You cannot return anything and they will not refund your money. If you complain... Davita - WORKING IN A SWEAT SHOP IS BETER WORKING FOR COMPANY FOR A YEAR NOW. HAVE NOTHING GOOD TO SAY ABOUT THE COMPANY. WE ARE WORKING SHORT STAFFED AND MANAGEMENT SAYS WE ARE... Davita - WORST COMPANY EVER TO WORK FOR 4.0 NO STAFF AND ACQUIRED TEAMATES TREATED POORLY WHILE THE NEW ONES THAT NEVER COME TO WORK ARE TREATED GREAT!!! BOSS IS A POOR EXCUSE FOR A LEADER AND... Dish Network - Misrepentation 1.0 Your are lyers and cheats, promise anything and everything just to get commission on the sale I was sold a bundle package for WiFi and dish for a... Ashworth College - Technical Problems College 1.0 I have never dealt with any entity that has had this many technical problems EVER. There are issues every day with logging in to the website. There... Wendys - RATS I have not been to Wendy's since the stores began the 4 for $4, because the cheaper the food the more disgusting it is. Besides the point, my... Robert Half - Ignorant and Rude Recruiter 1.0 I was basically told not to apply there anymore because I didn't live in the right area. WTF? I get to decide how far I want to travel for a job! A...