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Fedex - Kept changing delivery date for furniture 1.2 This complaint is against the North Pittsburgh Warehouse of Fedex. They gave me a tracking number for delivery of a chair which was to occur on... Consolidated Communications - Consolidated Communication sucks I've only had Consolidated for about four months and I have 12 repair orders placed for phone and 1 for internet ( I say 3, but they say 1) Now I... Consolidated Communications - Bogus ADSL2+ service offer scam 2.7 I recently upgraded to 20Mbps ADSL2+ service with CCI. When I do speed tests with their inhouse speed test the maximum rate is 16+ Mbps and the lowest... Healthcare Gov - Nightmare with this system.... 1.5 This is the first year I've gone thru the healthcare gov system. What a nightmare that I am still going thru. I have sent my tax returns to them on... Dhgate - Returned dress- NO REFUND 1.0 I returned a dress I was told I would get my refund and get payment for the shipping. I can't even live chat anymore. They have the dress and I've bee... Dhgate - Returned Dress 1.0 I ordered a dress for our 5 year old and it was way to big. I returned the dress. I submitted the tracking information. I know the seller has received... Levin Furniture - Catnapper Chairs 1.0 # years ago we bought 3 Catnapper recliners. I was going to have shoulder surgery and I needed something that I could sleep in for 7 weeks and my... Keystone Rv - Leaking roof, 2.5 Bought this 2015 Passport at the end of September 2014 and we had nothing but trouble. Every trip out last year 2015 something went wrong. Shower leak...