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The best carpet cleaners in the world

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K&C Dental center repaired my dentures and left a chemical residue on the that caused chemical burns to my mouth. This ended up in two trips to the emergency room; leaving me to suffer, because my insurance would not pay the medicine to treat the burns. I was left with... Read more

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I bought a new android phone started activation on July 19 everything transferred but now I have no service on old or new phone I have been getting. the run around when I call I have called at least 10 of not more times been disconnected twice have taken battery in an... Read more

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every time you go there you wait 20 min to check out workers standing around talking and line of people waiting to check out stocking at the busy time of day boxes satting in alise cannot get threw workers also need a need attitude it is no wonder people drive a few... Read more

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A Comcast tech was supose to come out to my house to install the cable between 12-3. He/she NEVER SHOWED NOR CALLED!!!! I had to call Comcast 3 times and NO ONE KNEW WHERE THE TECH WAS!!!! Two different people ASSURED ME that I would receive a call within 15-30 mins... Read more

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Command Technology, Inc. in Baltimore Maryland sucks! Don't deal with them! The worst customer service in the world! Braswell talks out of his ***! They never completed the job! When ever we needed to communicate with them the person in charge was NEVER available. ... Read more

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Stylist at a Great Clips frnachise recommended a product and said satisfaction was guaranteed or return product for a full refund. Receipt clearly states Great Clips has a commitment to full satisfaction or refund. When I returned the product, they don't do... Read more

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