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Albertsons - Long wait in line and discrimanation to the disabled 1.0 07/15/2017 waited in line for over 12 min and still had 7 people in front of me i went to empty customer service to see if i could pay since he was... Job Corps - Nurse Review from Troutdale, Oregon 1.2 The medical staff is no good at springdale job corps. the nurse ruth ann is time she screamed at me for 30 minuets. she told me i smell... Frontier Communications - BAD EVERYTHING 1.0 I was told i would pay one price for three years.I was told a month a go it was only good for one year.Their tech told us it was a deal going on one... Gearbest - Can not reach customer support Gear Best says on there sites that they are strong on customer support .. 24/7 phone .. live chat etc.. but NONE of those were actually available... Maria Duval - How does this happen ? I'm somewhat confused here . Who on earth would send money to Maria Duval or anyone promising riches ? I'm old, but the riches I wanted I got, love,... Motel 6 - Denied a room for ????? 1.0 The Motel 6 at 1610 NW Frontage Rd, Troutdale, OR....
The manager, Gina, denied a disable service member a room for unspecified reasons. She would NO...
Review about Ta Travelcenters Of America Refresh from Troutdale, Oregon 3.2 This complaint was posted by me on Facebook Ashworth College - Lack of f* help I'm doing the high school program that they provide. I have classes that say I need to do more work in when I have none left and on all exams I have...