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I've been reading the reviews and I think a big part of people's bad experiences have to do with the distributor. My distributor told me before I even ordered the 24 day challenge that if I disliked the products in any way to let her know immediately and she would... Read more

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OK First off, I purchased 133 points through MGV back in 2001. Just like everyone else my wife and I got the points thinking we were going to take some vacations and take our little boys o Disney land and other places. I have gone to the Riviera Resort in CA and found... Read more

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This review is directed directly at management. Our salesman was fantastic! The service and customer satisfaction at camping world in Wood Village, Oregon is horrible. Day one we picked out a brand new RV. Test drove it and decided it was the one. Wrote up the... Read more

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I'm somewhat confused here . Who on earth would send money to Maria Duval or anyone promising riches ? I'm old, but the riches I wanted I got, love, happiness and peace. I worked years to make myself a kind hearted peaceful easy going man. From what I gather is most... Read more

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We are going through a nightmare right now. We dropped off our new bumper pull Coleman trailer 6 weeks ago to have 4 things repaired. 1) 2 dead batteries no water in them? 2) shower water comes out the hot/cold knob not the shower head. 3) Kitchen tilt out off the... Read more

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I was told i would pay one price for three years.I was told a month a go it was only good for one year.Their tech told us it was a deal going on one low price for three years.the said they would call back and let me know.Three days go by no call back,i call again they... Read more

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I would like the opportunity to speak with you regarding concerns with your carpet. Customer satisfaction is truly important to Empire, and we want address your concerns. It is not uncommon for new carpet to shed. The main reason for carpet shedding is due to loose... Read more

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Gear Best says on there sites that they are strong on customer support .. 24/7 phone .. live chat etc.. but NONE of those were actually available when i tried.. can not access my account .... i have money left there from a refund.. i can not access my... Read more

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I was followed by a security officer watching me like I was a thief then clerks came up asking me if they could help I was watched and harassed the entire time I was shopping I finally caught on that they assumed I was stealing! I will NEVER go back and I really don't... Read more

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I have received 2 mag. recently that I did not order. ( Ordered several years ago and canceled.) Called magazine and they referred me to send cancellation message to and that doesnot work. So frustrating!!! Guess I will go the post office and... Read more

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