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The Barlow Trail Vet Clinic - Medication for my dog 1.0 I made an appointment for my dog for allergies to renew his meds which had been prescribed by another vet, I made sure to let them know that I did... The Barlow Trail Vet Clinic - Overpriced and staff who don't know what they are doing!!! Scam Gave mean estimate for neutering a 1 year old cat of $426.64-$693.17 depending on whether we agreed to have a bunch of un-needed tests done. It was... Directv - Message Error 772 I have no picture (which happens often) so I am advised to re-set (which happens often) and still no picture but I am directed to call customer servic... Massage Envy - Massage Review from Sandy, Oregon 4.0 I love massage envy!! Ive been a member about 3 years, and have had great therapists.
I got a letter recently telling me the rate is going up $11.00...
Featured Publishers Clearing House - Sweepstakes Review from Sandy, Oregon 1.0 Publishers Clearing House Customer Service

September 17, 2016

Dear VIP,

VIP's like you are so important to us and we wanted to reach o...
Monster Transmission - Transmission Review from Sandy, Oregon 1.3 This company is a complete joke! I ordered a th350 from them and it took almost 2 months to receive it. Finally got it, installed it and 1000 miles... Chrysler - PO'ed customer I have a Chrysler 300 which needed to have the air bag replaced on a recall. I made an appointment with the local dealer, Gresham Dodge. The... Fred Meyer - Dye from a shirt all over my granddaughters body 4.8 I bought a shirt from Fred Meyer store here in Sandy, Oregon for my Granddaughter. While playing in PE April 14, she became covered with purple dye....