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Aspen Dental - Aspen owes me $$$$$ 1.0 My experience with the owner George McKee is not a good one. If THEY mess up on the dental work and you complain, they will lie in your file and... Les Schwab Tire Centers - We could of been seriously injured! We could of been seriously injured! We are from California but got a flat in Oregon. Stopped here at Les Schwab and decided to get 4 brand new tires.... Texaco - Over the top rudeness 1.2 I parked at a pump at the Texaco on Harvard Blvd. in Roseburg Oregon. I went into the store and asked for $20.00 of plus. I asked if I could get... Safeway violates Oregon law 1.0 Safeway pharmacies do not report ALL controlled substance medications dispensed by their stores as is required by Oregon state law, namely ORS... Batteries Plus Bulbs 1.0 While on vacation, a friend of mine dropped my phone, damaging the screen. We had the screen repaired at the store in Milwaukie, WI near her home. Tha... FN Herstal - Handgun Repair Review from Roseburg, Oregon 2.1 Nothing has changed. They moved the repair division but must have kept the old people.
I've returned a 5.7 handgun to them three times now because it...
Box Office Tickets - Poor Business Practices 1.0 I am on hold now attempting to get my CC to 'block' or dispute the charges. I intended to go to the '' site for tickets in Eugene, I get... Quest Diagnostics - Review in Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Centers, Doctors category from Roseburg, Oregon 2.9 I have never worked in such a negative environment in my life. I'm a disabled veteran and my boss made me beg to have days off to go to the VA for my...