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I just got approved for my 2nd loan with Lending Club, at a MUCH lower rate than the first. My loan was fully funded within minutes, and approved the same day that I applied. I like how straightforward the process is and automatic payments make it super easy. Although the website is basic, it tells me everything I need to know about the status of my loan and the balance left to pay. I would honestly recommend this service to anyone looking for a... Read more

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I don't normally do this having worked in customer service and taking escalated calls, but I do not recommend using CenturyLink's services. I enjoyed their internet, never had a problem. I paid my bill on time every month, never bothered them with anything. I even told people to use them over other companies. Ten months into my contract (12 month contract) I was forced to move from my apartment. I called and attempted to move my service to my... Read more

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To get a windshield chip repaired or not? That is the question! Option 1 - Do not get it repaired. Possible Outcomes 1. Nothing happens. 2. The chips spreads and you have to replace your windshield. Option 2 - Get it repaired. Possible Outcomes. 1. It works. 2. It doesn't work and you have to replace it. According to Safelite Autoglass the average cost of a replacement windshield is $400. They sell you their service by preying on your fears... Read more

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They were called American General Finances when I started dealing with them but I guess they just changed their name to Springleaf. I guess because some marketing expert determined that the name "Springleaf" is a better one to deceive people into thinking they have better business practices than the MOB, which they do not. Their website makes them appear all warm and friendly and they have pictures of little girls with watermelons. Do NOT be... Read more

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Dear Anonymous, While our procedures are performed to patients who are awake, we do give our patients certain medications to help them relax. It sounds like the medication did indeed have this effect on you. I cannot tell by your post if you are concerned with the effects of the medication or the results of your procedure. Rest assured your satisfaction and feedback is very important to us. Please reach out to us at your earliest opportunity so... Read more

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Warning about Doctors claiming supplements will care illnesses. Ayushakti Ayurved USA operated by Dr Pankaj Naram are making claims from regrow hair and cure AIDS. The Dr visit consists of a pulse reading in which the Dr tell you all the problems you are having in your body, then gives you a list of supplements he claimed would cure your ailments. By taking the supplements as directed the Dr said your problems would be cured. After follow the... Read more

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Dear Anonymous, We are sorry you were left with the impression that we employ ‘shady business practices’. That couldn’t be farther from our intention or from the truth. We have established numerous protocols to insure that our patients know exactly what we are doing for them. As an example, all our patients who want to pursue a procedure are required to sign numerous consents and disclosures before undertaking such an endeavor so one knows... Read more

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It's always seemed like our burners were uneven and that the front right one would get really hot and not set to simmer. Yesterday morning we were cooking up some bacon in a frying pan and heard a loud crack. There is a huge crack across the the whole burner! We didn't drop anything, it just swelled and cracked. super scary. I wrote to their customer service and they said I just need to order another top. It's only 4 years old and I paid $1800... Read more

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I ordered a TV and it is apparently being shipped via UPS. It was originally scheduled for delivery 12/3 (yesterday), then was rescheduled for today (12/4). My status for my package is now delayed.With the lame *** excuse of we have not yet unloaded the package from the trailer. This may delay delivery. / Delivery will be rescheduled and delivery information is unavailable. This is some *** ****! I don't get why they won't unload the package... Read more

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No hair removed I thought my dream had come true. What a waste of money that could have gone for DoD not remove hair it burned out the head of the machine. I have never beenso sad or felt so used by a company in my life now I'm back to not going any where because I have to shave first. If I didn't I would look like a man. You lied you led me on through the 60 days then fwhen I called you said it was too late . Thanks for nothing ... Read more

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