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Avasflowers - TOTAL WAIST of MONEY and Time - Go To Dollar Tree For $58 I got 7 - Dollar Tree balloons and a graduation balloon weight delivered to a place that I could have gone to myself, 15 minutes from my hous... Checkpeople - This company is a scam! I signed up for the 'trial' membership for $1.00 and they say they will charge you $39.85 after five days. I looked up one person and supposedly was... Forest River utter garbage Made the mistake of purchasing a 2016 Forest River Vibe 236 - no longer sold by the company.

It was my first trailer, and I liked the starting pr...
Jomashop - Didn't tell the item was backorderd. 1.9
It's been 5 day's since I ordered, I still have not received a shipping email. What's the delay?
Welcome to Jomashop's li...
Sears - Unethical, maybe illegal 1.9 Unethical and probably illegal.

I bought a through-the-wall air conditioner yesterday at 10am. It was boxed and had strapping around the box. Whe...
Joann Fabric - "Out-Of-Stock", wasn't when I placed my order. 1.5 I ordered fabric online. One WEEK later i receive a email saying they are "out-of-stock" I am pissed off. The web sight didn't say anything like... Del Taco - Taco Review from Newberg, Oregon Went to drive thru for thursday chicken taco special. Was constantly told "hold on" when trying to place my order just so the associates could... Featured100% full NuWave Oven Doesn't Cook Properly 2.0 I've followed both the cheat sheet and the cook book for various roasts and none of them turn out properly cooked. The outside will be burned and...