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This shouldn't happen Nike... I wore my Nike Air baseball cleats to an alumni game this past weekend. They are years old, but still felt great when I put them on again in... Camping World - No one should be treated this way! 2.7 I cant even begin to explain how disgusted I am with my entire RV purchase experience. I am tempted to drop it off and tell Hillsboro, OR Camping... Fred Meyer - Looking for product. 3.1 Asked woman in dairy to help me find a product and she was rude and told me she needed to finish what she was doing first(putting eggs on the shelf).... Home Depot - Poor home delivery service 4.9 There is a breakdown in communication from the actual order and what they bring to your house. Went to Home Depot on minter fridge Hillsboro Oregon... Best Buy - Sharp Cd-dh950p Speaker System Review from Hillsboro, Oregon 1.4 Best buy is a horrible place. MY 1st expierence with them was in the store. I wanted to purchase an item they had on the shelf. They wouldnt sell it... ATT - At&t 3.4 I recently canceled my at&t. i had no problems with the service up to that point. it was reliable. no call drops. amazing customer service. the only... American Home Shield - Long wait times I used AHS' automated system two days ago to request service on my washing machine. They sent an email saying they had assigned it to a provider and... Tmg Northwest - Tree's in neibors backyard We live at 1053 se Tamango st. And 2 neibors in directly back of us and off to side's have tree's that are huge and they are dying a lot in places...