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April 4, 2017 United UA1968 denied a child in double casts use of the handicap accessible restroom, humiliating her, and then the flight attendant proceeded to harass her mother. This is beyond appalling. Linked below is a first hand account- Copied first hand account... Read more

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I am an adult foster care provider. We purchased a very expensive set of hearing aids for her about a year ago $5,000. The staff and sales people are very kind and have given Dale new batteries without question several times when they went bad, but they were... Read more

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I purchased a tree in july. When I set it up in November I found it was defective. I was told by cus toner service that I should have set it up in july, and because it was greater than 30 days past purchase the only thing they could do is start a warranty request, and... Read more

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Paul Evers RV of Coburn Oregon has got to be the worst place you can go to have any work done on your RV. If you can find another repair place, I recommend you go there. At first they are friendly and seemingly caring. But all that changes after a month or two. My... Read more

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I went to work out there on January 2nd, and noticed that there were no staff members in the facility, i like to note that i do not like to work out in a health club that is unsupervised, do to safety reasons. What more can i say, i am a dissatisfied customer, it makes... Read more

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I shopped at Macy's in Eugene, Oregon Thursday 1/19/17. I bought over $100.00 worth of cosmetics at the Clinique cosmetic counter. The clerk rang it up and then gave me my items in a bag, I then asked her if you were no longer charging $0.05 for the bags, she said that... Read more

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I am a woman in my 60's and have had the same doctor for years. I could not get in to see my doctor in a timely manner so had to see a nurse practioner. Jennifer Durrant is a horrible care provider with no empathy or "bedside manner" what so ever! In trying to explain... Read more

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Today I was fired for mishandling a WIC transaction involving nothing more than a jug of milk. This company tells you about how they uphold values and how you get benefits and a whole bunch of C*!p but what they don't tell you is that if you make a mistake, they will... Read more

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I have to say that CENTURYLINK has the WORST connection problems...... I swear EVERYDAY all day long my internet connection is on and off ........The connection constantly crashes... some days all day every 5 mins... I have called and called and called for help...... Read more

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We bought an Englander mattress in February 2016. It started to sag and two employees came out to inspect it and both agreed that was the case. I received an EMAIL that said that was within the warranty guidelines and nothing could be done. I feel if sagging was to... Read more

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