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Lowes - Exceptional Service !!! 4.5 We ordered a large refrigerator from Lowe's which was not in stock. It arrived ahead of competing suppliers and at a lower price. Michael the store... Fred Meyer - Remodel a Disaster The remodel in Eugene on W11 is a disaster. Nobody can find anything. I spent an hour and a half on a grocery trip that should have taken 20 minutes.... United airlines discriminated against a 6 year old in double casts April 4, 2017 United UA1968 denied a child in double casts use of the handicap accessible restroom, humiliating her, and then the flight attendant... Paul Everts Rv - PaulEvers Rv Colburg Or 2.3 Paul Evers RV of Coburn Oregon has got to be the worst place you can go to have any work done on your RV. If you can find another repair place, I... Macys - Cosmetic dept. I shopped at Macy's in Eugene, Oregon Thursday 1/19/17. I bought over $100.00 worth of cosmetics at the Clinique cosmetic counter. The clerk rang it... Snap Fitness - Inattentive staff 4.3 I went to work out there on January 2nd, and noticed that there were no staff members in the facility, i like to note that i do not like to work out... We will move from Fred Meyer to any other store in town 1.5 I am tired of filling out surveys and expecting something to change. They do not value their customers. BRAND NEW building, not ADA accessible... Batteries Plus - They don't keep there word 1.0 On Sunday Nov. 13, I took my 12v battery pack into the batteries + store and ask if they can rebuild it. No problem, we will have it done by Nov.16...