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Good day good people. Only -three days ago- the FTC posted fresh guidelines to help you decide if a multilevel marketing (MLM) company such as WFG--or at least how its contractor recruiter/agents typically behave--constitute a PYRAMID SCHEME: Www dot ftc dot... Read more

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My friend paid $100 and now my friend realizes this is a scam. But her brother and brother's supervisors are calling her daily and threatening. If it is a good product why the company World Financial Group harassing people to buy. I investigated and found a lot of... Read more

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Manhattan motorcars in Scarborough is a great dealership, I've gone here twice, once when shopping for my own car and again for my friend who is looking for a car. Both times I have been helped by Alex, and he is a wealth of information. The dealer itself though is... Read more

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Me and my wife signed up for ACN along with my parents and it has been a disappointment from the get-go. I was introduced to it through my sister that thought she could make some extra money on the side doing it, and so we figured we'd help her out and save a few bucks... Read more

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based on my previous experience with used car dealers (well, mostly through friends of mine), i had a relatively negative view on these guys to begin with. but it's whatever, i thought i'd go in and give it a shot anyway and see what happens. esp considering i'd get... Read more

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If you are going to the Downtown Toronto office and have to deal with Aliyah Charania ask for someone else. She is a horrible person! I'm not usually one to complain or post reviews about a negative experience I've had but then again I have never been ripped off and... Read more

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I would give Kumon zero rating for starts if I could. Every trip to the Kumon center with my kid was not a desirable experience. The Kumon center was recommended by my asian neighbors. I signed up my daughter for Math only to find out that they didn't know how to... Read more

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I am not a man of many words but went to the Hair Club at 11 yonge street. Alliyah said this was the Ferarri of balding solutions. The consulation was free and there was a suspense when she left the room for a long time and brought in a second consultant. But let me do... Read more

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JR Ridinger claims that he is working a 45 year plan for everyone to get on a 2-3 year plan... lol... have you see his wealth and the fact that Market America (MA) is 93% owned by him. There is no questions that MA takes more than the Lion's share of profits. And the... Read more

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my best friend was brainwashed into this scam and tried to get me on it as well. Anyways so I bought into it and was told it'd be high speed and I'd have 10 days to return it. It took 2 weeks for the arrival and within hours of having the internet set was... Read more

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