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Primus Canada - Worst ISP ever don't do it! 1.6 Well months and 2 gateways later i STILL have no internet today. It goes up for a few hours a day at most at even then dont you DARE try to connect... Primus Canada - Unorganized and Disorganized 1.5 At the beginning of this month I called Primus Canada to inform that my apartment number had changed. I was told that it will take up to five... Primus Canada - Primus cancelled home phone voice mail without warning causing a hazardous situation 2.7 August 4,2017 i contacted Primus to upgrade my internet speed. I could hardly understand the service person on the telephone. I remember the service... Primus Canada - Garbage 1.0 Hi, New account holder here. Primus Internet service is horrendous . these guys force modem to reboot automatically numerous times in a day. is this... Cintas deceitful 1.3 The driver told me how he was able to get our company better rates on mats and soap so being a busy morning I said sure and signed the paper put in... Primus Canada - Lost internet connection technical support couldn't solve the problem. They don't answer my emails. Hello Primus After 16 months of uninterrupted use, my internet connection was lost last Thursday; and since my telephone line is based on the... Ardene - Terrible service, messy store and messed up pricing 1.0 Went in with my daughter, she wanted 3 things. The store was such a mess, I knew about the 10 for $10 deal but it would take forever to find more... Carling Mazda - Ripped Off 3.2 I went to purchase a 2017 Mazda 3 in January 2017 from Carling Mazda. Towards the end of negotiating a price for the car and for the trade of my 2012...