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Ottawa Textiles 2000 - WATCH OUT FOR TEXTILES 2000 OTTAWA 1.0 TL/DR drunken senile man takes 3 weeks to return project significantly worse than it was brought in. I only have three words to describe what I... Enterprise Rent A Car - Enterprise Took $400 and Never Provided A Vehicule I reserved a mini-van on September 15 2017 for September 17 2017 and was called one hour before closing the a mini-van was not available. I was told... Renting from minto i have rented this apartment for more than 15 years-they renovated recently-they took the numbers off the doors-they put them on the walls instead-i... Salvation Army Thrift Shop - No price on item. 2.7 I love to shop @ the Salvation Army.Even work @ one before.On this particular day 9-5-17.Montgomery,IL location I visited about10:30am.Employees... MBNA - The worst service ever 3.1 Today august 31st 2017 at 12:45pm eastern time i called 1888-876-6262 to reset my online password and to ask to know my fully due amount on my credit... Primus Canada - Worst Company Ever 1.0 Complete joke of a company and service! Internet goes down everyday and forever going down, you call their customer support line they make you wait... Resolved Marks Work Wearhouse - Denver Haynes pants left me with chemical burns 4.0 I bought a few pairs of their Mia pants and wore them without washing them first. They have a little warning about dye transfer that I found later.... Primus Canada - Worst ISP ever don't do it! 1.6 Well months and 2 gateways later i STILL have no internet today. It goes up for a few hours a day at most at even then dont you DARE try to connect...