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I was a professional model with beautiful long natural hair. After using this product my scalp and face broke out in boils and my hair fell out in chunks. This shampoo destroyed my life. I wish there was a way to make them pay for what they did to me. If anyone has any info at all on a class action suit please email me!!! Read more

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I ordered a Premium King Size My Pillow. I have many king size pillows and I knew immediately that the MyPillow KING SIZE was not the standard king size pillow. I tried the pillow for about a week and woke up with bad headaches each night. I then checked the size of the pillow. It measured 15" X 28-29". I then read the advertising brochure that came with the pillow, and it said that the pillow should be 20" X 34". I phoned MyPillow and... Read more

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I just found this site when I was installing a set of Saladmaster at my customers home. Mark showed it to me. I was showing them a simple 10 minute lasagna, roast veggies, rice, hard boiled eggs without water and we baked a cake with their girls (they were so excited to see the veggies get shredded into the cake without any oil or water...and the chocolate Lindt chocolate spread on top when it popped out of the small skillet hot onto the... Read more

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Miele's published promise to it's customers is "Immer besser" or "Forever Better". They also claim "Unparraleled quality and impeccable craftsmanship", and also states "...customers willing to pay a premium should receive premium service..." and also "..the Miele brand is now identified with unsurpassed product quality>" In my recent experience these claims are hogwash! After careful research and in anticipation of making a wise... Read more

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Bought a pair of dakota workboots in july 2012. I paid just over 200.00$ for them, Where your foot bends right at the steel part has come apart. Definitely a manufacture defect. I work on a lift truck for 8 hours not like i am constantly bending all the time. but went in the store in mississauga at dundas by the tim horton and the lady that helped me............tells me 100 days warranty. IM LUCKY I GOT THAT LONG OUT OF THEM is what she... Read more

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Please stay away from the travel smart vip. On the last day of our trip to Punta Cana Royalton we got succer into buying the membership. Send the letter to cancel within 5 days as per contract -they are refusing to accept. They are asking for reasons why I want to cancel and they want to keep the closing fees of $991.00 which is no where in the contract. I am in process of talking to the Dominican Republic of turism in Toronto. This company... Read more

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So I went onto the Vanilla Mastercard Website and tried activating my card because it is telling me, so I went in and typed my Postal Code in different ways but it still doesn't work. I checked online if anyone else had the problem and apparently everyone is having the same problem. I hope they fix this problem on their website because it is BS. There's no way to use the card unless it is Activated and the only way to Activate it is to add your... Read more

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We live about an hour outside Toronto, Ontario Canada. We had a house fire in July 2010. Paul Davis Systems were the preferred contractor as recommended by our insurance company. Having absolutely no knowledge in the restoration game, we signed with them off the bat...With our insurance company behind us, what could possibly go wrong...RIGHT???? Well, its 7 months later, Paul Davis Systems has half the restoration money, for a job less than half... Read more

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Lakeshore Custom Homes Oakville completely screwed us when building our home. They are completely incompotent, unprofessional and fraudulent. Stay away from Lakeshore Custom Homes Oakville!!! BE AWARE OF THIS LOSER!!! The owner is very cunning but he has no clue what he is doing. Our house was a complete disaster. WE had to start from scratch. This is the company that you see on TV that screws people out of their hard earned money. He... Read more

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They have sent me a 30 day supply at the cost of 168.00. I didn't want the order but they refused to cancel it... The coach Shawn Bourguignon was great until I questioned the charge then he turned into a ***... I get it.. He just wants the commission and does not care about the people is is supposedly trying to help. Its to bad cause this is a great program. They would probably make more money if they didn't scam people...... :( It makes me so... Read more

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