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SECOND MORTGAGE - CAPITAL DIRECT Horrible customer service. We were told by Nicholas that mortgage will be approved on or about August 3rd, have the agreement signed as well. He went... Canadian Health and Care Mall - RIPOFF, SCAM, ILLEGAL 1.0 This company appears to be a total ripoff. I tried to use two different credit cards to place an order, got an email saying the cards didn't go thru... Flighthub - Worst ever 1.8 We travelled from YYZ to Amman today via Rome. We faced an unwanted problem at YYZ.We were not allowed to take 2 checked in bags per person which is... CURTIS International - Worst ever Customer Service 1.6 I have called Customer Service 2X and e-mailed my informtion 3x, WITH Case # and work order number. To date, 3 weeks after my first e-mail no... Furniture Town Canada - Damaged furniture 1.0 Bought a couch April 15, 2017, delivered April 23, 2017. When I purchased the couch I was under the assumption I would be getting a new product, but... Thane Direct Usa - BAD BUSINESS!!! 1.7 Ordered the AB-DOER 360 first of all. When speaking to the representative on the phone after watching the infomercial on the television. I was really... Green Motion - Unauthorized deposit taken 3.5 They were to only take $500.00 on hold, but they literally charged it to my credit card. They said that after 15-20 business days I would get it back... The Brick - Master Surface Warranty 2.2 We contacted The Brick to have our dining room table repaired. I was told to send in some pictures. Refused to honour warranty for scratches(not...