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I recently left a deposit on a BMW 328i with them, while they were making the car ready I decided to do a search on them, I saw lots of bad things written about them and got worried but everything was smooth with the deal until then, I decided to go one step further... Read more

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I was a regular customer for a long time now. I thoroughly enjoy entering my Panera location to not only be greeted by the lovely energetic cashiers, but to be in heaven with their delicious food. That all changed a couple of weeks ago, when they took out the chipotle... Read more

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Alright people... I was excited! I was really excited to finally have this opportunity. I went in for my first consultation (Wednesday) and asked a lot of questions. Made sure it was exactly what I was hearing. For example $95 each visit, which maybe I can handle. We... Read more

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Fake people work here; all the consultants misguide you about the services they provide - practically what they call a bio-matrix is a WIG - glued and taped to your head after trimming your frontal hair on size 0. And then they will just charge you $3995-4500 and wait... Read more

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Ordered the AB-DOER 360 first of all. When speaking to the representative on the phone after watching the infomercial on the television. I was really happy to be ordering the product, wasn't for me but for someone else. They offer a 30 day money back GUARANTEE!!, yeah... Read more

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They were to only take $500.00 on hold, but they literally charged it to my credit card. They said that after 15-20 business days I would get it back if there were no tickets. Well, two months later I still have not gotten it back. They also sent an invoice for another... Read more

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Coach bags are made of plastic and paper!
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I bought two COACH had bags from the Toronto Premium Outlet Mall about a 1 year ago for my niece, and found out they are just made of paper and plastic. The label says it is made of finest materials trimmed with leather. The strip was first broken for both of the bags.... Read more

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I believed my dealer is not honoring my warranty. Called Nissan Canada for clarification. The agent was avoiding my questions. It was clear that he had no intent on getting involved with this dispute with the dealer. I asked to speak to a manger or have one call me... Read more

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Thinking of buying from Furniture Town Canada in Mississauga? Please stop, and think again. Nearly two months after our initial purchase, we have had to buy another sofa from 5-star Decorium Furniture because 1-star Furniture Town has renegged - without notice - on... Read more

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The new yahoo version 2016 is a piece of garbage. Why would they take away video chat. I was a customer since 2002, and now I've advised all my friends to go to "Paltalk Messenger" which is like the old yahoo b4 they got rid of chat rooms. With Paltalk Messenger you... Read more

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