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Skycap Financial - Horrible 1.0 I received a tablet that was used and didn't work. Within the first month of dealing with them I cancelled everything and then found out they send me... Hakim Optical - DEPLORABLE! 3.7 Went into the Kingston Haikim store, gardeners rd. I w2as impressed with the large selection. A young gentleman was working and I am not a racist... Skycap Financial - My experience with this company was horrible. 1.0 About 2.5 years ago I agreed to sign up to receive help rebuilding my credit. Instead I received a useless piece of junk tablet that doesn't work.... Assurant Solutions - maintenance agreement with assurants 1.3 Have a Assurant Solutions Extended Warranty for my dishwasher it has been one month 2 weeks and the dishwasher still is not fixed. I keep getting a... Skycap Financial Credit Repair Review from Kingston, Ontario 1.0 Financial If people say one thing and do the opposite they said they would fix my credit they said I can get out of any given time now I'm getting... Skycap Financial - Lee martin Hi guys me and my wife got this.this would be a good deal he saves going to fix your credit wrong all day fix is a pain in the neck is if we can... Midas - Satisfied customer 4.5 I have been taking my vehicles to Midas in Kingston Ontario for a number of years. I have used both locations but the Gardiners Rd. location is closer... Onetravel - Sneaky, shady website information and service 1.0 I wish I had read those reviews before rushing booking my flight through One Travel. I am in Kingston, Ontario, need to flight to Vancouver on Nov 9 f...