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Stemologica - Serum Review from Greater Sudbury, Ontario 1.0 They took my money! Don't bother buying! How much sense does it make that I can test out product for 14days but I have to return it sealed before 30... Carid - Customer Care Review from Greater Sudbury, Ontario Don't let the impressive website and catchy "on hold recordings" fool you. These people do not care about the customer. Instead of getting a refund, C... Ecolife Home Improvements - Awesome service !! Summer 2013 Ecolife did our metal roof and changed a window and door. They did the work in the massive heat wave we had and humidity was high. The... Robert Woods Construction took my money and never did any work I paid him a $1000 deposit on a $2000 job, and he showed up a few times but never brought over any supplies. Finally there was a day when a bunch of w... Robert Woods Construction - Non payment Requested my services then failed to pay after weeks of phone calls. I'm thankful that its not a larger amount like most people have been scammed.... Action Moving and Plowing - Paid for snow removal, they pushed it against my house Showed up a few times to "remove" snow. Pushed it up the driveway and created two huge mounds. It's now melting against my foundation. The owner "Mig... Kia Motors - Paint peeling off I bought this 2011 Kia Optima during the 2012 winter and never checked the paint or wash the car during the winter. In the spring I noticed a few spot... DHL - terrible service, and a COD scam I ordered a bottle of supplements online shipped from California to Ontario, Canada. The seller only offered DHL as a shipper. The shipment made it...