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For those of you that have tried Scentsy, I'm sure I can say that you became hooked off that very first bar, were you not? Were you still hooked after your second scent? Your tenth? One Hundredth? I certainly cannot fault you for that. Scentsy has some amazing scent products. There are so many scents to choose from, and I have no doubt that even the most stubborn shopper could find at least ONE that they really enjoyed. The problem with Scentsy... Read more

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The Cover Guy - 7 year Warranty from thecoverguy
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My second cover, the first would have been under warranty (4 years out of a 5 year warranty) but I lost the paper work. The second came with their 7 year guarantee and I saved the paper work. I enquired about the warranty and It has now been 7 weeks and no answer about the warranty. Pictures were sent, emails exchanged and they said they would look into it. I bought there deluxe version with the new vapour barrier claim, lasted 3 years maybe and... Read more

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CLV group has been nothing but a headache to deal with since the first day that we have moved in. After moving in we found roaches in the apartment and have found it's an issue in both of the buildings (Burlington, Ontario). Constant noise and renovations throughout the day. Parking has been under construction and the spots have been shuffled and moved around with no consideration for the people living here. The management of CLV has been... Read more

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I started to purchase Cize from Beachbody - but did not complete or authorize this transaction. This was done on Jan.2 - checked my visa account to make sure - no transaction as of 1am Jan.3/16. Jan.3 at 11am, I was hit with charges. I immediately called Beachbody- was on hold for over 30min with constant recoding "please hold someone will be with you shortly". So I opted to do live chat - he couldn't find any order. Went back to 1-800... Read more

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I got a brand new machine, in a brand new home, new subdivision. I was calling Miele to find out how to get rid of the smell in my clothes, they recommended using vinegar and do sanitize wash, did it, did not work, they recommended using a descaling product, tried that did not work. Each time I called they suggested different things and nothing worked. Each time I called it was at least 20mins wait. Many times I had to put the phone down as I... Read more

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My 16 yr old niece purchased a gift certificate for $20 from the store inside the Wal Mart at Mcleod Rd Niagara Falls Ont. She gave it to my daughter (5 hours away in Windsor Ont) for her birthday gift. We brought it to the store inside Walmart at 7100 Tecumseh Road East Windsor On. They refused to honour it because it was not bought in Windsor. They offered nothing but a NO. So in essence they stole $20 from my niece and they also... Read more

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For anyone who knows me-- I am not one to complain or start a fight. However, I do believe in one thing and that is the GOLDEN RULE. I could not sit back and let this company take advantage of me and so many others. After having one of the worst Customer Service Experiences in my 30 years on this planet, I went online to see if anyone else had been treated so unfair & rude. It didn't take me long to find countless others whom felt the same... Read more

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I placed an order on cyber Monday, transaction was billed not once but twice and after waiting much past the quoted shipping we were very disappointed to receive a completely empty box. They say the will mark urgent and resend stating this has never happened before???? Crossing my fingers Read more

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LONG story short. Didn't have bed bugs now I do. Thanks to Easy Home. They gave me the mattress for a "deal" more like for a SCAM!! I had it delivered and i noticed that there was some small brown bugs on the bed.. i took the liberty to remove the "bed bug proof" cover and it was INFESTED!! I have called them to inform them and they say they are inspected every month by a pest control. BULL. They claim that I have gotten the bugs from not... Read more

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Where do I begin with the laziest company I've ever dealt with. Brief summary: CLV bought the property, and decided to do upgrades, which is fine if it was done right. #1 Parking lot renovation. It was supposed to be done in Sept 2013, and they went into the winter. The spot they gave us in the meantime always has someone in it. They don't do anything, and they wont. then we started parking underground because the work stopped in late Dec and... Read more

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