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EQ3 Furniture - EQ3 do not stand behind their products! 2.8 I purchased 2 table lamps at the end of August 2017. I love the lamps and they are perfect for my bedside tables. On September 17/17 while dusting I... Bad Boy Furniture - Just terrible........ I had spent 8000.00 dollars on a living room and dining room suite....when I asked the sales person if the living room furniture was bonded... Weathertech Canada - Weathertech Floor Liners 1.0 I purchased a new car and decided to step up and pay a premium for the Weathertech Floor Liners. I paid just over $300.00 Canadian and patiently... Hair Club - We have been cheated by Hairclub 1.6 We went to Burlington Branch to ask for After giving us untrue statement in the first meeting we came to know that true story in the the... Lazboy - Lazy Delivery from LazyBoy 3.1 Purchased a couch from LazyBoy with delivery. They came today and refused to bring it in the house. They left it in the garage. Went to LazyBoy today... Bad Boy Furniture - Extremely bad customer service, sells defective items horrible experience 2.1 I purchased a dining room set from Bad boy, and requested delivery and set up after hours. They sold me the dining room set and delivered on time,... Avoid UPS when shipping items from US to Canada 1.0 I live in Canada and bought an item from not knowing that the item is going to be shipped from US. The item was a tablet for $419 Canadian.... Fitbit - Charge Hr Fitness Tracker Review from Burlington, Ontario Fitbit charge replaced twice and HR they would not replace as the original was purchased over 365 days ago.
I was told that the unit heats up when c...